‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Movie Sequel Thoughts and Casting Rumors

Just moments before it was announced that Lauren Malouf, the voice of Sally Albright in the animated smash The Smurfette (2021), has been cast as the lead role of educircul in the upcoming marvel movies. This is really a huge shock to a lot of people, especially considering that Lauren is one of the brightest talents that was seen on Broadway and in other shows. It wasn’t too long ago when the world saw how easily The Lion King affected the box office for Disney, and how positive the critical acclaim was for Lion King. However, it was announced that there would be a live-action/animation sequel to both the Lion King and The Smurfette,

which could mean trouble for Lauren Malouf

Still, it looks like that’s not the only problem with the delay of the Captain Marvel project. Because according to sources the delay of the untitled Captain Marvel film from Fox, currently in pre-production, will be because of the untimely death of one of their key actors. Yes, it was Ben Kingsley who played the young man who saved the Earth against evil Kang In The original book, but according to several reports he passed away suddenly while on a movie shoot, which is causing the delay of the project.

Now, let’s discuss the possible locations of the Captain Marvel movies and tv shows that are headed to theaters this July. We already know that principal photography begins on June 3rd, followed by principal photography on July 8th and principal photography on August 7th. The film will be released in theaters on July 29th, followed by the second part of production on September 9th. Also, there’s a casting call for the film, which you can learn more about at our website. Here are all the major cities where we expect the film to be set: Los Angeles – according to a source close to the situation, filming will take place on the coasts of California, Orange County and Las Vegas.

So, why the long way off? Well, one reason could be that Fox is still figuring out how to make a hit with this character. Another reason could be that it’s been speculated that Samuel L. Jackson will be cast as Professor X, which would be very exciting indeed. But there’s also a lot of other interesting prospects that we haven’t heard about just yet, so it seems like the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still very much up to play.

In late 2021

the characters uncovering the mystery of the altered reality they find themselves living in will also find themselves caught between two armies. This will set up a major theme of the film, the question of where good and evil begin. It will also lead into the next major event in the series, the crossover event between the Spiderman films and the X-Men series. Will that event happen in late 2021, or early twenty20? There isn’t a clear answer to that question yet, but what is known is that during the crossover event, Marvel Studios will once again get their most successful release to date.

We put together this article as a reference to the fact that, if you’re reading this right now, you may wish to read our previous article, in which we discussed why the third and fourth MCU films may not be as good as any of the prior MCU installments. That article also included a link to our main article on the matter, and it explained why we feel the new movies (especially Captain America: The Winter Soldier) may not live up to the expectations that audiences had for them. If you are someone who wants to discuss the possibility of seeing a new MCU film, we highly recommend that you check out the links at the end of this article. They contain a lot of exciting and sometimes bizarre, information about where the MCU is headed. While we won’t spoil specific details on the possible fourth MCU film, we will discuss some theories that you may not want to consider.

Some people have suggested that the first Marvel property up in 2021 is going to be Iron Man 4, which would make sense since the last movie (the one with Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Kingsley) didn’t do very well at the box office. With the success of the Harry Potter franchise over the last couple of years, and the success of the X-Men series (especially the current one), it would seem like a good time to start making an X-Men movie again, even though there’s no news on whether they’ll ever make one. But you never know, maybe Fox will want to start making another X-Men film before they get a chance to make the next one!

Meanwhile, we have our prediction for the future of the MCU, which we’re calling the fourth MCU installment. Although it doesn’t necessarily make sense for them to put black-ops scientists into contact with terrorists, it does make sense for them to put one of the more rogue scientists in contact with a terrorist. That’s right – after the events of Age of Ultron, it seemed like the only role for Dr. Strangelove’s Scott Lang (Sting), but now it looks like he’ll have to team up with Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow to save the world. It just seems like the best way to introduce a new Educircul to the MCU that hasn’t been a part of the cast before.

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