Little Known Ways to Buy Fresh White Truffles

Truffles are an expensive delicacy. Ordering truffles online without researching can result in a wastage of resources. It is alluring to give into truffles home delivery. Some pointers need to be considered before making a meal from truffles.

Many people get scammed, especially while buying white truffles. We have explored and shortlisted three main points that you should consider when purchasing fresh truffles. Let us begin this truffle journey now.

Are Online Truffles delivered from Alba?

Alba is a small town in Italy from where truffles originate. The term has become standard when buying fresh truffles. But there are many other places from which truffles originate aside from Alba. It is tough to identify the area from which they originate online. You can ask the store from where you order truffles online.

It is still hard to determine the area in most situations. The quality of truffles is not governed by the site. Other aspects such as scent are essential. While ordering truffles online, read the customer reviews or ask for reviews in your circle of friends and family.

Does Time impact taste of Fresh Truffles

Contrary to popular belief, the timing of buying truffles does matter as fresh truffles are not supplied at the end of September and January. It is prohibited to provide truffles in this time period. Hence if you order truffles around these months, then there is a high possibility of them being low quality.

November is the best month to order truffles online as they will be in great quantity and quality. There is a high chance of getting a good deal that will have amazing fresh truffles.

Can Truffles be delivered through Home Delivery?

Before proceeding with delivery options, let us clear the conflict about truffle color and smell. While ordering truffles online, most people are attracted by their colors. The pigmentation of fresh truffles does not matter.

Variations in colors occur because of the land they are cultivated in. Individuals are attracted towards white and gold as these colors look appealing in pictures. The color can be brown, grey or cream. It would not affect the taste of truffles.

The only importance that is added from fresh truffle colors is added flavor and attraction in the mealtime. Other than that, it is nothing to be worried about. The aspect of scent cannot be determined when ordering truffles online. The smell should be rich with notes of earth, garlic, and mushroom.

The product description that is given in packaged truffles should help you define it. Nonetheless, it is not possible while ordering truffles online. In this case, they should be sniffed from all sides. The scent should be spread throughout truffles.

In case it is uneven or disintegrated, then it should be immediately returned back. It is a typical scam. Hence it is better to be careful when buying truffles to avoid bad experiences.

Ordering truffles online should be done while keeping these factors in consideration.

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