Increase Productivity with These Moffett Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments are a great way to get the versatility you need to meet the needs and requirements of your business. They will help you to achieve the efficiency that wasn’t possible with the standard used Moffett forklift machine. Along with improved productivity, these will make sure that tricky operations are performed safely.

The common attachments that will help you transform the productivity in the warehouse include,

Fork Positioners

This adaptable attachment will allow the operator to alter the gap between the forks. They can do it without leaving their seats. Furthermore, these are operated hydraulically, which allows quick adjustment based on the size of the package. It ultimately leads to better efficiency.

This Moffett forklift attachment is ideal for the warehouses where they have unparalleled and different size boxes to load. It provides the required accuracy and reduces the risk of damage.

Self-Dumping Hopper

They help you to remove the bulk of waste material from one place to another conveniently. There are various types available for this attachment. You can get one based on the requirements of your industry. They offer a great flexibility to the operator, allowing them quick and safe removal of a large amount of waste in one go.

Due to this convenience, it is recommended to get this versatile attachment as well when you look for a Moffett forklift for sale.

Wire Guidance System

For the warehouses with narrow aisles, this attachment is a must-have. The wires are laid on the ground, while the attachment is added below the forklift to make a guidance system. However, this requires proper planning and careful adjustments throughout the warehouse by management. It may seem like a long process, but it will guarantee a safe operation. Furthermore, this guidance system attached with Moffett forklift models will increase the speed, while keeping any sort of damage at a minimum.

Push/Pull Attachments

These attachments are the replacement for the traditional fork attachment. They are designed to effectively handle the slip sheets. The packages can now easily and safely be delivered to the required destination.

Although it can be used by any business that wants to reduce its cost, it is more beneficial in the agricultural or food/beverage industry. Truck Forklift also recommends it for reducing the risk of damages while boosting the shipping volume.

Safety Work Platform

A safe environment is the prior concern of any business. However, it becomes hard to maintain in warehouses where heavy lifting and transportation are done. If not taken care of, the accidents caused by them can be a great hazard for your workers and business. Therefore, you will need to attach a safety platform with the Moffett forklift so the productivity isn’t compromised. It will do so by protecting your employees from the loads at height, and by making the process quicker.

How These Moffett Forklift Attachments Eases Everyday Tasks?

Using these attachments will drastically speed up the process of performing the daily loading and unloading. They do so by ensuring that no employee gets hurt in the process and keeping productivity high for your business.

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