Admire the contemporary shades with white gold jewellery!

Traditional with a modern twist; one of the most popular metals used in the making jewellery nowadays is white gold. White gold is unique and pretty; it is an alloy of yellow gold with other white metals like palladium, nickel, or manganese, and due to its beauty, white gold jewellery has flourished very well in the past few decades. One of the biggest reasons why white gold is becoming the go-to metal for making jewellery is its ability to accentuate the brilliance and shine of diamonds. But even without sparkly stones, white gold jewellery can still reflect a ton of light, giving it a natural beautiful lustre. Therefore, if you plan to purchase gold jewellery but want to try something different, look no further than white gold jewellery!


Why white gold jewellery?

There are many reasons why you should go for white gold jewellery, and these would include:

  • White gold is a much more affordable option than platinum. If you have always dreamt of purchasing a white, shiny metal but cannot afford platinum, then white gold is your best option!
  • White gold is very durable and scratch-resistant because it is alloyed with very strong metals. These metals are responsible for giving the gold the white shade we love!
  • White gold can complement the shine of diamonds, just like platinum! Diamond jewellery having white gold as the metal would seem brighter and shinier because it reflects the white shade of the gold along with the external light.
  • It also provides the perfect setting for colourful gemstones as well because of its durability and neutral colour. Due to this reason, white gold jewellery is a very classic and beautiful option, perfectly suiting all occasions and outfits.

Types of white gold jewellery designs

Here are some of the most popular types of white gold jewellery designs you could consider purchasing:

  1. Eye-catching earrings

Earrings are a very popular white gold jewellery option a lot of people go for because white gold earrings look subtle yet very classy. Additionally, when the earring features little diamonds and pearls, the beauty of the metal is further enhanced, giving your jewellery a charming touch.

  1. Breezy bracelets

A solid white gold bracelet is exactly what you need to look elegant and classy. White gold bracelets come in so many designs and styles, featuring colourful gemstones and other precious materials, so you will have a huge collection to check out when you plan on purchasing white gold bracelets.

  1. Classy necklaces

Nothing will look more charming and fresh than a delicate chain and diamond pendants all made from white gold. Diamonds and white gold complement each other in shine, so going for a diamond necklace made from white gold will make sure all eyes are on your beautiful jewellery!

  1. Radiant rings

Stylish and elegant, rings made from white gold are a must-have in any gorgeous jewellery collection. White gold rings are very popular- from casual and office wear to diamond engagement and wedding rings, you cannot look past this precious metal when purchasing rings.

  1. Appealing bangles

While gold bangles traditionally come in yellow shades, you can always go for a much more modern and minimalistic option, which are white gold bangles! These are an elegant addition to your daily wear and casual outfits and can also be a subtle jewellery option for traditional wear.


Ways to maintain your white gold jewellery

Like other tones of gold, white gold jewellery will also last years without any damages to the surface or shine. However, cleaning your white gold jewellery from time to time can enhance its shine and make it look brighter and cleaner. Check out these easy steps to maintain your white gold jewellery, making sure it stays the same beautiful way for years!

  1. Using a mild soap, create a water and soap mixture in a small bowl. To avoid chlorine and minerals, you could even use distilled water.
  2. Take a small cotton cloth and dip it in the soap-water mixture to wipe down the surface of the white gold jewellery.
  3. In order to clean tiny crevices, you can even use a small cotton ball, swab, or a bud.
  4. Rinse the surface of the white gold jewellery and wipe it with a dry cloth (lint-free).

If your white gold jewellery does not feature diamond or gemstones, you could even allow it to soak in the mixture for 5-10 minutes.

With a myriad of designs and styles, enhance the diversity of your jewellery collection by including white gold jewellery!

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