What is the best time to visit Pondicherry

Pondicherry is best visited throughout the months of Oct to March because the temperature sometimes ranges between fifteen – thirty degree Celsius. Over the years, Pondicherry has actually been the gem of South Republic of India and a perfect playground. Summers (April-June) square measure quite hot and also the temperature touch forty degree Centigrade sometimes. Monsoons (July-September) are additionally a decent time to go to Pondicherry despite the rainfalls. However, the most effective time to go to Pondicherry varies from person to person because the place transforms itself each season and celebrates a variety of festivals that interest a great deal of tourists.

Pondicherry in winter (October – February)

Amongst all the 3 seasons, winter is that the ideal time to go to Pondicherry and witness it altogether its glory. The temperatures throughout the winter months of Nov to February vary from twenty two C to thirty two C that makes for pleasant atmospheric condition that area unit appropriate for not solely looking however additionally partaking in sporting activities or daily at the beach. Thanks to this, winter season in Pondicherry provides you an opportunity to envision everything that Pondicherry has got to supply. The place may additionally be greeted with light-weight showers of rain from time to time as Pondicherry could be a coastal town, however these rain showers area unit in no manner a hindrance for visiting people. Whereas visiting throughout winters, one mustn’t miss the International Yoga competition that is persevered the seventh of January. This competition focuses on the art and kind of Yoga and could be a large-scale mass competition. Activities that area unit somewhat renowned throughout the International Yoga competition area unit workshops, seminars, discussions associated talks on varied topics concerning the central theme and this makes for an overall enlightening expertise.

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Pondicherry in Monsoon (July – September)

Monsoons in Pondicherry area unit maybe the foremost unpredictable of all the seasons. The downfall throughout the monsoons is unpredictable and might fall at any time and in variable degrees. Thanks to proximity to the ocean, monsoons herald quite a heap of wetness. The common temperature ranges between twenty five to thirty five degrees astronomer. Monsoons additionally wreak the most effective time to go to Pondicherry for its natural surroundings of lush inexperienced flora and vibrant flowers and plants that each one the additional stand out thanks to the contemporary rains. The {most important the largest} and most important celebration for Pondicherry additionally falls within the monsoon season. In August, all locals of Pondicherry celebrate the birthday of Sir Aurobindo with nice joy and pride. This birthday additionally falls on July 4 and therefore the centre of all the celebration lies within the renowned Ashram that conducts a series of serious social occasion activities.

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Pondicherry in summer (March – June)

Summers in Pondicherry last from March to June and therefore the mean temperatures throughout these months lies in between twenty six C and forty two C. As Pondicherry could be a coastal town, the temperature doesn’t fluctuate the maximum amount as alternative cities; but there’s still a distinction. The wetness throughout these months is as high as ninety three per cent that in itself makes the weather hot and wet. However, this additionally makes for a perfect temperature to go to the beach and partake within the vary of water sports accessible or take a dip within the significantly cooler waters. The foremost renowned competition throughout these summer months is that the Villianur Temple automobile competition. This competition is persevered the complete moon between mid-May and time period and could be a distinctive church festival. Throughout the competition, a procession with a temple automobile carrying a picture of the god Shri Gokilambal Thirukameshwara circles the complete town.

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