Overview of various categories of vehicle parts

Auto parts are manufactured in different parts of the world. Automakers choose standard equipment from around the world and combine them to create excellent designs. There are many parts of the car that need to be categorized into different categories.

If you have multiple car manufacturing plants in your area, you can start a business selling car spare parts. These businesses usually make huge profits if you can provide a standard spare to the manufacturer. These spares are also needed by the automotive repair industry. Before you start your pi├Ęces auto spare parts business, you need to know about different types of spare parts.

Body parts

Important body spares or automotive exterior parts include bonnets and bumpers. There are also roof racks, hard trims, trim packages, fenders, grills and merger screens.

This type of automotive part also includes door and window parts. These include door handles, door seals, door water shields, hinges, locks, window seals, window motors, window regulators and more. Window glass is another important part of this category.

Automotive interior parts

Automotive parts for interiors are mainly related to car seats. This category includes armrests, headrests, seat brackets, bench seats, seat belts, seat covers, and various other seat components. In addition, flooring, carpets and center consoles are other auto parts that fall into this category.

Auto engine parts

An important category of auto parts consists of various auto engine parts such as air ducts, camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads, engine valves, pistons, turbochargers and tapes. In addition, there are many other important components such as cooling fans, blowers, radiators, water pumps, water tanks, coolant hoses and more. The engine oil system consists of other important components such as oil filters, oil pumps, oil strainers and oil pipes. Count the automotive lubricants and automotive engine parts in the mat.

Automotive electrical and electronic components

This category includes automotive components related to automotive electrical systems, such as batteries and voltage regulators. Ignition system components and lighting and signal components are also included in this category. Another subcategory is for gauges and meters, including ammeters, dynamometers, fuel gauges, odometers, tachometers, speedometers, voltmeters, thermometers, and more. Airbag sensors, temperature sensors, light sensors, fuel level sensors, engine sensors and other types of sensors are also included in this category.

Other categories

System components such as brake backing pads, brake cooling ducts, brake servos, brake discs, and brake lines make up another type of automotive component.

The fuel supply system includes components such as air filters, fuel coolers, fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, and fuel water separators.

Transmission systems are another type of automotive component, such as clutch assemblies, gears and gearboxes, and differential components.

Wheel and tier components, windshield system components, and exhaust system components are also important parts of automobile spare parts.

It is important to learn about all kinds of auto parts so that you can buy the highest quality parts from manufacturers and suppliers.

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