How to Use vShare Download Manager?

The website VShare Download has been designed as a free iPhone/iPad application which allows the user to share videos, photos and music through their mobile devices. It is easy to download and works like a web browser for your iPhone. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you’re good to go. Here is a simple guide to getting started with this amazing video sharing tool.

vShare Video:

First things first, you’ll need a video camera or a video recorder. It’s recommended you record yourself because you can then upload the resulting videos to your iPhone using a Vshare file transfer program such as File Zilla or Wi fide. This means that you can upload videos straight from your camera without having to use any special software. To save time, it’s always easiest to record yourself instead of using the camera, which will increase the amount of time the video takes up on your phone.

Once you have the camera ready to go, you’ll need a computer. Download the vshare Download app and connect your computer to your home broadband connection. That’s it – you’re all set! You’ll be required to input some basic information, which includes your name and email address.

Upload to your iPhone:

Next, you’ll need to choose which files you’d like to upload to your iPhone. You can choose anything from funny video clips to full-length songs. Choose a video and then save it to your computer. Choose a music file and then save it to your home iTunes library.

vShare Download account:

Now, you’ll need to log into your vShare Download account. Just click the “connect” link in the upper left corner and then follow the onscreen instructions. You’ll be asked to enter your username and password. If you know the basics of iPhone internet security, you’ll probably find it easy to access your files. If not, it’s always best to know exactly what is going on with your account – you can never be sure how people are accessing your files once they have access to your account.

 Connect your iPhone to iTunes:

If you’re using a Mac, you’ll have to allow iTunes to access your files through your Mac. Connect your iPhone to iTunes, then load up the application. Navigate to “select devices” and look for the iPhone icon. Click it, and you’ll have to click the option to let it access your upload folders.

Upload folders:

You’ll have a choice here as well. You can either use the regular video player controls to browse through your upload folders or you can use the drag and drop features to organize all your files into folders. Drag and drop features will rearrange your video files for optimal viewing on your iPhone. After you’ve arranged them, you can upload the video by simply tapping the” upload” button again.

When you’re done, you can then share the video right from your I iPhone with anyone. That’s why vShare Download has been used by more than one million people already! Now you can too.

vShare Download is the integration:

Another thing you’ll love about vShare Download is the integration with TweetDeck. You can set up your Twitter account to include your uploaded video files. From there, you can tweet the link to your friends. It’s very easy to do and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing everyone you share the video files with enjoys seeing what you’ve created.

Social Sharing:

Once your video files are complete, you can then share them with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, and email. Open up your vShare Download application, choose an email address, and then select send. Your friends will see the link to your video on their desktop or mobile phone. It’s that simple! Once your friends see your video, they’ll be sure to check out your website and maybe even visit your site to learn more about what you’re doing. And if you send out videos regularly, they’ll want to keep in touch with you as well.

vShare Download Manager:

There’s a free vShare Download Manager included with vShare. This allows you to manage your account and upload your files quickly and easily. You can create a new video, add tags to the items you’re sending, and choose whether you want to use a download manager for all items or a specific tag for individual items. You can schedule future uploads and also create personalized playlists. Using the Share Download Manager, you can avoid cluttering your inbox with images and other items that aren’t relevant to what you’re emailing.


One of the best parts of vShare Download is that it’s compatible with Facebook. Because you can upload your files to Facebook right from within vShare Download, you’ll never miss one tiny update. That way, you never have to worry about losing that one important video file again. As long as you remember to add your Facebook profile link to any email you send out, you can rest assured that anyone you send a video file to can see it. And since it’s compatible with Facebook, you can also use it to post photos to your wall or share them with your friends on Facebook.

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