How can you serve your customers better with the use of IVR

Interactive Voice Response is an advanced B2B service that can be implemented in your business for complete customer satisfaction. The technology of IVR is most welcomed by almost every business entity due to its dual-way benefit. When you involve IVR technology with your business, you can gain customer satisfaction with the agent’s comfortability. With this dual-way benefit, you can increase the overall performance of your call center project. The system of IVR can be implemented with every part of your business and can support you with an enhanced customer experience. You can involve IVR with added features to your inbound and outbound call center service platform.

Call routing:

The call routing feature is highly supportive technology that will never allow you to waste more time with manual work. The complete effectiveness of call routing can save three to four hours of agents’ working time. This benefit on call routing will allow agents to spend more time with customer interaction and sales pitches. Also, you can positively develop higher customer traffic incoming and end with high-level benefits during customer interaction. The feature of call routing with an IVR solution will minimize customers waiting time during call interaction. This feature will highly increase customer satisfaction and allow more lead conversation.

24X7 customer support:

IVR feature allows agents to engage with customer interaction with 24X7 duration, which will give utmost comfortability to customers and will create seamless customer relations from day one of your call center project. The most attractive feature of IVR call is that you can default install the omnipresent feature, which will ensure agents’ availability for a complete 24X7 duration. With the benefit of any time interaction, the customer gets highly satisfied with the customer service.

Customizable menu:

The activation of IVR allows you to enhance your call center assessability with high-level customization. You can include various features and as per customers’ needs and activate them in a better way to impress customers during call interaction. The customized menu has a list of responses that allows you to categorize your menu according to your product. This one-time customization will reduce the manual risk of agents providing customer service. The most attractive feature of a customizable menu is that you can easily navigate customers with the appropriate answer for their various queries. 

Offers personal experience:

The major reason behind the Interactive Voice Response system is to build utmost customer satisfaction with high-level interaction. To achieve this result with the IVR solution, you are provided with several personal experience possibilities. These features will create a positive vibe towards customers during customer interaction. The features such as welcome greeting will bring more confidence to agents and assure customers comfortability. You don’t need to involve more agents struggling to convey product features with the international language. You can easily access all languages of the world and converse with the customer with their regional language. 


IVR software solutions within your business will include more benefits with an effective Omnichannel feature. With the most user-friendly omnipresent feature, you can ensure the availability of agents at any time for effective customer interaction. These omnipresent features can be operated with the agent mobile number or landline number. Due to this, you can build agents’ comfortability and active presence for customer interaction. IVR service provider in India supports you in managing your call center process within the various operating systems that can be activated with easy plug-in installation. 

Manage large call volume:

It is quite common to face higher customer traffic during the development process. But it is more important to manage this heavy customer traffic without avoiding any customer calls and resources. IVR software solution will enhance your call center platform with several features to support large volume customer calls. With the features of the IVR solution, you can easily route your calls to an available agent and ensure seamless customer interaction without delay. You can also better use the call waiting for a feature and various other customers satisfying features to build effective customer relations even during heavy call trafficking.

Go with IVR solution for better customer interaction:

The full effect of IVR can directly reflect your customer traffic and satisfaction. To include this benefit and increase your profit ratio, you have to decide with IVR solutions at Knowlarity immediately. You can enjoy a complete mess-free IVR solution with Knowlarity.    

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