An Easy Laptop Buying Guide If You Don’t Like It

The following simple laptop buying guide shows Buyer Direction of a laptop computer when you buy it. Because life is too short. I hope this helps. Use it for your laptop needs. 

You know it, but you have to say: a laptop, also known as a notebook, is a battery-powered portable computer that can be used anywhere without plugging in.

Key Features When Buying a Laptop


The laptop processor determines the speed of the computer, which is shown in GHz.

Best: Intel Core 2 Duo processor

Intel Core 2 Duo is one of the best processors. It offers better performance and better battery life for half the price of other similar variants.

The 1.73 GHz processor is ideal for everyday tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, email and internet surfing.

Memory (RAM):

RAM is the amount of program that can run on your notebook without slowing down or dragging the laptop. 512MB RAM is a great option for great memory and games and 3D graphics.

Tip: The RAM generated with the help of your laptop indicates your high memory.

Hard Drive:

If you do not plan to create multiple music or data files or install multiple suites such as Microsoft Office, a 40-80 GB hard drive will suffice.

Everything in one design

If you do not really need a lightweight laptop, choose a laptop with internal storage for your optical drive. Keep this drive, you can replace it with another device like a spare hard drive or another battery.


Warranty can be a great resource when buying a laptop. Read the best prints and you may be happy with your work at some point.

Tip: If the laptop you want to buy has a warranty check, be sure to cover the cost of shipping if the ship’s laptop needs to be sent for repair. Some warranties include home repairs.

Screen size:

When you buy a laptop, you do not want to sacrifice portable visibility. Laptop screen size measures across the screen. A screen larger than 14 inches is good to avoid eye strain. Larger or wider screens make your laptop heavier and darker, but also provide a more comfortable experience whether you are working on the internet or watching a movie.

Screen display:

The anti-glare feature is very useful when you want to hide a part of the screen due to the light source. Externally readable screens are expensive because they are designed to be used in very bright light (dot door). Widescreen viewing angles are important, so you don’t want to lose visibility if you move your head from head to toe.


Notebooks above 5 are excellent. The Ultra-Lightweight laptop has a keyboard for less than $ 4, low speed and memory, usually no CD DVD drive, and a small screen. Buying a very lightweight laptop will reduce performance, so the combination of your accessories (CD drive, larger battery, enhanced keyboard, etc.) may be excessive: there it is. Like a typical 5 or 6 pound laptop.


Watts determines battery life. Lithium batteries are used by cells to determine their age. The more cells there are, the longer the lifespan. Laptops usually require a new battery every 1 to 5 years.

How you determine battery consumption depends on how you use your laptop.

Most battery ratings are for low-performance computers that do not include Internet usage, graphics, or power saving methods.

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