What Are The Six Types Of Italian Cheese Available?

Cheese is one ingredient in dishes that are the most used and loved amongst everyone all around the world. Italy is one country that has the maximum variety of cheese that also includes fontal cheese. All cheeses types are different in taste, texture, and even color.

Factors Determining The Best Quality Of Cheese

When you are checking the quality of cheese; you have to look into some points and factors that determine whether the cheese is right or not. The experts in cheese focus on the below-mentioned 5 points.

  1. The source of the milk plays an important role in the quality of the cheese. Also, the region, geography, and season in which the animal is milked are vital. A healthy animal will provide good quality milk and in more quantity than usual.
  2. The moisture in the cheese will conclude the hardness and softness of the cheese. If the cheese is hard then it means moisture is less. So for softer cheese, the moisture content has to be high. But for semi-hard fontal cheese, normal moisture content has to be added.
  3. Some cheeses have a blue or green texture in them. This means they have molds in them which is because of healthy bacteria. Sometimes this mold is white but the blue one is preferred more.
  4. The time spent on aging is different in all cheese types. Some cheese types are best eaten when fresh. But others require months and even years to attain the maturity that they need. If you want a piece of cheese to be hard then the time spent on aging has to be more.
  5. Control over the aging and ripening atmosphere is very essential; because through this, you can get the right texture, flavor, color, and ripeness. In the past caves were used for the aging process as the conditions are the most appropriate.

Six Special Kinds Of Italian Cheese

When you are satisfied that the cheese variety you are searching for has all of the above-mentioned qualities then you just have to choose amongst the cheese types that are available in stores like Sogno Toscano.

Cheese That Is Hard

These cheese are hard that have the minimum moisture content. The aging time of these cheeses is also more and they are either waxed or have a hard rind.

The Classic Goat Cheese

This is the most versatile kind of cheese type that comes in both hard and soft form.

Cheese With Blue Mold

Many people consider the blue mold as bad as it means in other cases that the food is destroyed. But when the blue mold is in a piece of cheese it is considered a delicacy.

Unique Cheese Having White Mold

Although the white mold is not visible; but it is there. The texture and taste of this cheese are buttery and creamy.

Variety Of Fresh Cheese

Some cheeses have to be eaten within a day of their making. This cheese has a creamy and smooth texture that can be easily replaced by cream in many Italian dishes.

Semi-Soft Or Semi-Hard Cheese Like Fontal Cheese

These cheese kinds are neither hard nor soft. They have the right quantity of everything that makes them suitable for all kinds of cooking. The fontal cheese comes under this category.

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