Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Sports are the perfect source of entertainment and for retaining proper physical strength. The unfortunate part about sports is that they come with a lot of life-risks and injuries.

Due to the involvement of a lot of strength, some sports are considered to be very dangerous because they can cost a life. The spectators might enjoy the view, but the performer knows what he/she is going through.

There are a lot of people who are risk-takers and love to do adventures with their lives, and that is when the dangerous sports come in. Several sports involve risks and lives, which are termed as dangerous sports.

Following is a list of the top ten most dangerous sports.

  1. Lawn Bowls

Despite it being so popular, it is also quite dangerous. Lawn Bowls has caused a lot of deaths worldwide. The players are bound to play the game until their last heartbeat. The Lawn Bowls players do not take any victory breaks, because that is the rule of the sport.

Those who survive often end up with torn knees, bone fractures, bruises, and broken hips. The excessive amount of stress caused by this sport can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Without a doubt, lawn bowls is a very dangerous sport, and it can also result in nail-biting habits.


  1. Luge

There are plenty of Olympic Games that charm not just the spectators, but the players as well. A sport that is part of the Olympic Games is Luge. It is titled as one of the most dangerous sports because it involves racing down an icy track that is high-banked about 90mph or 140km/h.

The player has to overcome the height and prove himself as a brave and strong person. At the last lap of the race, the player has to bend his body at a certain angle and increase his speed.

Even a slight mistake during the act can lead to a person’s death. Luge has caused a lot of brain injuries and deaths over the past couple of years.


  1. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is known to be a very dangerous sport because it involves the rafter to suffer from a lot of raft water disasters.

The risks of white water rafting hypothermia which is a sudden blood pressure increase, equipment failure, bad water conditions, drowning, sunburns, and breathing problems, etc. There is no enjoyment involved in white water rafting, there is only danger.


  1. 24 Hours Of Le Mans, Le Mans, France

There are a lot of vehicle car racing sports, however, Le Mans is the most dangerous of all. Le Mans has caused over hundreds of deaths. The strategy of racing used in Le Mans is not similar to other racing sports.

It requires high speed and number of miles that are needed for the driver to drive in twenty-four hours. A very misfortunate incident happened in  1955 when a Mercedes-Benz driver crashed the car and ended up killing himself and a group of other visitors.

High speed is the key in racing sports, and that leads to danger and life-risks. So, this sport is not just dangerous for the players, but also for the spectators.


  1. Macau Grand Prix, Macau, China

This sport involves two different races. There is a motorcycle race that happens in the morning, and the car race happens in the evening. The race tracks are exceptionally tight and contain a great deal of dainty turns, which is the thing that makes this sport a dangerous one. Even during practices, a lot of riders get loose their lives.


  1. Iditarod

Iditarod is also titled as the “Last Great Race.” The Alaskan land is always mounted with snow, and the tracks are also out of shape most of the time. The racers are bound to face the coldest of temperatures.

The developers of this sport do not pity the hundreds of dogs that die during these racing activities. The riders suffer from bruises, broken legs and ribs, concussions, and snow bites. It is a rare chance for a rider to finish his race without any injuries.

  1. Isle of Man Tourist Tropht, Isle of Man, U.K.

The Isle of Man Tourist Tropht involves motorcycle racing along narrow paths, tracks, and streets. The original race track for isle of man tourist tropht was designed for bicycle racing, but when motorcycled entered into the game, they took over.

It is very dangerous to race with these modern machines, and a lot of life-risks are involved. High-speed racing in narrow paths can lead to sudden accidents and even deaths of riders. Death is the main reason why this sport is considered to be a very dangerous sport, why wouldn’t it be though?


  1. Downhill Biking

Downhill biking comes with a lot of adventurous runs and a lot of excitement. Even the thought of running down a 12-inch long hill at 40 miles per hour and overcoming all the incoming obstacles can thrill any bike rider out.

Despite it being hell dangerous, it is also very popular. Downhill biking can lead to concussions, organ damage, severe injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, and lots of other major injuries.

While going on a downhill sporting venture, it is always important to wear the right gear because if not, death will come your way. You can enjoy this sport, but only if you follow the rules and are a pro at it.


  1. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a very elegant and balance-maintaining sport in the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, gymnastics is considered to be a very dangerous sport because it involves a lot of dangerous stunts that can take one’s life within seconds.

Even the slightest inconvenience can cause broken bones, major injuries, ankle sprains, head and neck injuries, wrist injuries, and many more. Being a gymnast involves great passion and devotion, but all that fun also has a price.


  1. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding, sounds fun, right? Well, it isn’t. In fact, it involves a lot of risks. Regardless of all the pleasure and merriment horseback riding offers, if you can’t balance your horse, you might as well just leave the ring.

You have no idea how much a horse weighs, and if you lose control while riding, bad things will come your way. If you don’t have experience with horse riding, do not do it because it can cost you your life.

To ride safely on a horse, it is important to build trust with the animal; otherwise it will throw you off and might even jump on you. A rider can also be paralyzed when a horse kicks him.

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