This is how you look after your classic car properly

When the temperature rises, many drivers also want to get their vintage cars out of the garage. Not only is the extensive all-round check an absolute must. The classic car experts at ADAC Klassik explain what owners of classic vehicles should pay attention to. If you want to buy or sell any car so contact us in expatcarbuyers.

Paint care:

Flawless paint increases the value of a classic immensely. Coarse soiling should therefore be rinsed off with plenty of water immediately after driving. A little car shampoo, applied with a soft, clean sponge, removes any dirt on the vehicle. Conventional household cleaners, on the other hand, are not suitable for paint care and should therefore not be used. A suitable polish is sometimes useful for an attractive finish and comprehensive protection of the paint. Hard waxes are offered for sealing, which should ideally be worked into the paint with an application sponge.

Interior care:

Materials used in the interior of the vehicle often suffer particularly badly from excessive heat and UV influence. Plastic, leather, and wooden parts should therefore be cleaned regularly with especially suitable care products and then preserved.

Wheel and tire care:

Classic car enthusiasts should regularly use acid-free wheel cleaners. For cleaning, the rims should always be cold and not exposed to direct sunlight. The maximum exposure time specified in the cleaning agent’s recommendations for use should not be exceeded. In the case of coarser soiling, we recommend using an appropriate brush in combination with a suitable rim cleaner. In order to counteract premature embrittlement and fading of the tire rubber, it is advisable to treat the dry tire wall with a tire care product that explicitly contains UV protection.

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Cleaning the convertible top: 

A particular challenge is the long-term maintenance of sensitive convertible tops from the early automobile years. During the year, cleaning the top should be kept simple so as not to unnecessarily strain the top material. Gently brushing with an appropriately soft brush or an upholstery sponge is usually sufficient. It is advisable to wash the top gently with clear, warm water and a special top cleaner. The movement of the sponge or brush should always be in the longitudinal direction of the fiber, a circular movement should be avoided as a matter of urgency. Finally, the convertible top is rubbed dry with a car cleaning cloth.

The CUPRA Formentor is the brand’s first independently developed model. In terms of design and construction, the iconic model sets standards for the future: it artfully combines elegance and innovation with a dynamic driving experience. The CUPRA Formentor is a symbol of the tradition of the CUPRA brand, and the CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) also embodies its future. The CUPRA Formentor will be delivered in the last quarter of 2020.

The CUPRA Formentor has named after a peninsula on Mallorca that many people consider the most beautiful cape on the Spanish Balearic island. The vehicle combines all the attributes of this location and expresses them in the exterior design of the crossover.

The rocks of the peninsula, shaped by wind and weather, served the design team as inspiration for the side skirts, which radiate dynamism and emotion. The two-tone body of the CUPRA Formentor is reminiscent of the robustness of a four-wheel-drive vehicle, while its finely drawn silhouette is based on a coupé.

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