Olive oil ‘better than other fruits’ at slashing impotence

Males always look for the best alternative to deal with erectile dysfunction. The natural alternatives are considered the best as they offer lasting solutions to health issues including erection difficulties. Recent studies have confirmed what we believed for a long time now, that the Mediterranean diet, with olive oil as an integral part, is the best for male health.

Olive oil has emerged a new tonic for males with erectile dysfunction. The nutritionists have confirmed that males, who were on diet with olive oil as an ingredient, were less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Further research revealed that olive oil clears the blood vessels of any obstruction in blood flow, which boosts erection. An erection issue at the cellular level is an inadequate blood circulation problem. Let us study how olive oil cures erectile dysfunction in males.

Olive oil keeps blood vessels healthy

By keeping blood vessels healthy, olive oil helps a male to maintain optimal blood circulation in the body. And, a smooth blood circulation towards the pelvic area, which contains the male organ, cures any erection problems. A male with sufficient blood flow into the penis will never encounter erection difficulties.  An improved heart and circulatory health cut the risk of impotence in males from all age groups.

The latest study results also shed light on the same fact.  The males on diet with olive oil were found to have reduced the chances of erectile dysfunction by 40 %. The study even further pointed out the direct use of olive oil is enough to reduce dependence on higher doses like Generic Cialis 60 mg online, which doctors prescribe for severe cases. When a male cuts the risk by half, the need for a higher dose comes down significantly. And the males who are currently dealing with moderate degrees of erectile dysfunction can overcome the problem without medication. The study was conducted by the University of Athens in Greece. Cenforce 100  and cenforce 200  perfect medicine to treat erectile dysfunction.


Olive oil boosts testosterone levels

Another quality of olive oil, which helps males overcome impotence, is its testosterone boosting ability. Olive oil boosts testosterone levels dramatically. Low testosterone is a major problem in mid-aged males who face erection difficulties. Low testosterone reduces the desire for intimacy. The lack of desire makes it difficult to get engaged in physical stimulation. And, without stimulation, even the higher dose does not perform effectively. So, increases testosterone levels to remove the condition which gives birth to erection problems.

Olive oil showed result even in elders

Nutritionists have found that olive oil with a healthy lifestyle and exercises reduced erectile dysfunction by 40 % in elders. Mediterranean diet, which uses olive oil, is recommended to get the lasting benefits on health and erection health of males. Along with the Mediterranean diet, small lifestyle changes such as light exercises produce lasting benefits than relying on medicines. Erection boosting medicines support erection for only a few hours. After the end of the impact period, the ability to raise erection comes down. Every time, an erection is needed, a viagra dose is needed. Natural remedies including a Mediterranean diet ensure the ability to get an erection without artificial boosters even in advanced age.


Reduce the chances of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a major cause of erection difficulties in elders. Even after surgery, elders take a long time to get back to a normal erection process. Sometimes, even after successful prostate cancer surgery, the recovery is delayed for two years at least. However, the Mediterranean diet males can cut the risk of prostate cancer .a study in journal cancer mentioned that males who relied on a Mediterranean diet with high doses of olive oil had fewer chances of progression of prostate cancer. Olive oil is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet along with beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grain, fruits, and vegetables.

However, there are other factors that also contribute to the overall health of a male. The lifestyle, relationship factor, and mental and emotional status also determine how much intimacy a male enjoys. The males who are dealing with severe erection issues and need faster relief will have to use 200mg Sildenafil citrate. The dose is recommended by doctors after a comprehensive medical assessment to judge the suitability of the dose and tolerability of the body.


Olive oil as a part of the healthy Mediterranean diet protects the health of blood vessels and increases blood circulation in the body. Use olive oil in salads and diet to enhance heart health and clear blood vessels. Support the natural remedy with a healthy lifestyle for a lasting impact on your health.

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