Is it advisable to use diamond rings for daily use?

This is a very commonly asked question by females. If your wedding or engagement ring has a rock on it, you may have your doubts about wearing it daily. Some say they are always aware of it being on their hands, so they are extra careful and do not feel free, others say that they are scared for it at all times. So is it really advisable to wear a diamond ring for daily use? Let’s explore the options.

To wear or not to wear?

Engagement rings are more than just rings, they have a sentimental value attached to it and taking it off often makes people feel guilty about it. As for diamond rings, there is no harm in using it on a daily basis, however a few precautions are necessary and especially for high worth rings like hidden halo engagement rings. Let us first consider why.

  • The most obvious reason being, diamond rings are exorbitantly priced. Since their value is so high, one is often scared of losing them or them slipping off while you’re unaware. 
  • Although real diamonds don’t lose their shine, they might sustain damage due to hard and rough usage. 
  • If the diamond on the ring is big, it could be a little inconvenient and obstructive while doing daily chores.
  • If the ring is flashy, it’s going to catch people’s eyes, and not all prying eyes are good, so that’s a risk right there.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might be feeling uncomfortable wearing it daily. However, if you still are way too attached to the ring and not wish to keep it locked up in the safe while you sport a regular band, then there are some very obvious precautions that need to be taken.

Precautions to be taken 

  • Take the ring off when you go for swimming as chlorine can cause some discolouration to the stone.
  • Avoid doing heavy lifting as it will scrape the surface of the diamond as well as the metal and make the ring lose its shape and look dull.
  • If you’re working with harsh chemicals, it is best to take off the ring for the time being so there is no reaction on the diamond.
  • While doing the dishes, either be absolutely sure that your ring is a tight fit, or simply take it off till you’re done. Rings and drains have a long history of enmity so better safe than sorry. You could also use gloves if you don’t wish to take it off.
  • The chemicals in soaps and shampoos react with the molecular structure of the diamond and may damage the stone. To avoid risk, you could take it off while bathing and then put it back on.
  • Avoid using hand lotions on the ring.

Having noted these precautions, now comes the most important part. Diamond rings are expensive and a hold a lot of value. If it advisable to get yours insured. Even a snugly fit ring could slip away and you wouldn’t even notice until much later so best to have it insured so you don’t have to face a financial loss at least. The sentimental loss, however, is a whole different story. 

In conclusion we’d just like to say, flaunt your rock on those delicate hands but just remember that it needs a lot more care, maintenance and precaution than you think. So if you’re up for that sort of commitment, then daily wear is totally advisable. You can also check out engagement ring London for the latest styles of diamond ring.

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