How to Choose a Right Mattress According to Your Sleeping Pattern

It is often said that if your sleep gets disturbed, then you end up with a not so pleasing day. Thus, the importance of sleep has time and again, been validated.

It is majorly because sleep is associated with many health benefits. Also, the kind of mattress that you lie on may influence the quality of your sleep.

Hence, it becomes vital to selecting the right mattress as it is key to your night’s sleep. There are many mattress types in India across brands, but choosing one that best matches your sleeping pattern is imperative.

In this post, we have enlisted some key considerations that you must include while for quality sleep.

Sleep patterns should determine the kind of mattresses that you want to choose. There are many groups of sleep habits, and it should assist you to know what suits you best.

  • Active sleepers

Most of the boys, girls and men and women are considered active sleepers. They are healthy with an active lifestyle and don’t experience exhaustion. What’s more, children and young boys and girls sleep more when compared to adult men and women. Hence, a latex mattress would be the ideal thing. Why? It is because such a mattress helps to support the entire body and keeps off pressure from the joints when you rest for long durations.

  • Early risers

People who are early risers sleep early and are likely to do arduous work. They are more likely to work the entire day and are left with less physical activity. Therefore, they are expected to feel tired during bedtime. For such people who want comfort while sleeping, memory foam mattresses are perfect as they relieve muscle and joint pain and soreness. Such kinds of beddings are expected to support your shoulders and neck to keep off stress as you rest.

  • Nap enthusiasts

Do you love taking naps during the day because of having many work shifts? If yes, then it means that you are able to sleep for fewer hours than others. For people who sleep less and they snore while sleeping. There are many pieces of research to show that sleep apnea and snoring are interconnected. For boys and men facing breathing concerns, it would be good to go for a supportive memory foam mattress. It leads to better alignment of head and back.

What are the best mattresses models in India?

It is easier to make your choice from many models. From the best mattress for back pain in India to a variety of other variants. Have a look at these mattresses and decide which mattress will be best suited for you.

  • Attro Cozeesleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress


  • Length 72 inch x width 36 x thickness 6 inch
  • Support type – Memory Foam
  • Comfort layer – Gel Foam
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Orthopedic mattress
  • Dual comfort mattress
  • Removable cover

Price – Rs.7,200.

  • Duroflex Balance Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress


  • Length 75 inch x width 36 x thickness 6 inch
  • Support type – High-Density Foam (HD)
  • Comfort layer – Memory Foam
  • Orthopedic mattress

Price – Rs.12,000.

You are now well-versed with key considerations to make while choosing a mattress as per your sleeping patterns. It is up to you to pick a model as per your needs and budget.








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