How to Achieve the Perfect Matte Makeup Look

Perfect Matte Makeup Look

Going all matte is the perfect solution for avoiding oily bases. And, we have the ultimate guide to have you ace the matte glam like a pro! 

You could try and still couldn’t deny that matte look is super classy— matte makeup has never been more popular, from velvety matte skin to lips! Now, getting started with all matte processes is a whole different story. We’re aware it can seem overwhelming. Perhaps you’re stuck in the notion that abusing powder is the only method to get a matte makeup look. You couldn’t be more mistaken. Matte look, like any other makeup look, requires the preliminary step— skincare routine. 

The trick is to combine a skincare routine and fantastic mattifying makeup products- this will pave the way for beautiful skin, a fresh, shimmer-free, natural appearance skin and beautiful lip makeup all at once! Consider this your comprehensive guide to wearing matte makeup and looking stunning while doing so.

Start The Skincare Engine 

Start with exfoliating your face with a gentle, illuminating cleansing foam. It removes dirt, dust, and pollution that can accumulate on our faces in areas like the sides of our nose, forehead, and chin. 

Next, move to the toner— toners regulate our skin’s natural pH levels, and you don’t want to miss out on that. Choose a toner that is specially formulated for promoting pH balance. Use a cotton ball and dap the toner on your skin— do not rub! Allow your skin a few minutes as the product works wonders. Then, apply moisturizer to hydrate the skin and rid any dry flakes.  

After moisturizer, go ahead and grab your sunscreen. Apply generously to avoid getting sunburn. Choose a sunscreen with SPF above 25. 

Finally, prime the canvas for the art to begin, i.e., your beautiful face. Apply a primer to create a smooth, flawless base. Using a mattifying primer also erases any remnants of excess oil from the face. 

Conceal Away

Now that you’ve covered the primer step, we’re guessing your skin looks flawless with blurred pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. Yay! So, the next step is the concealer. Use a nice concealer brush to achieve a flawless matte finish.

Rocking The Base

Take a beauty blender or a foundation brush and apply an oil-free foundation for a silky, velvety smooth base. Make sure you distribute the matte foundation evenly for a stunning polished appearance. Now, to further the velvety texture, set your base with a pressed powder. 

Note: If you have a super dry skin type, consider skipping the setting powder*

Defining, Glow, & Blush!

Now it’s time to sculpt your face. Apply the contour cream or powder and sweep in circular motions over the face sections you wish to define or hollow out. Good places to start contouring are temples, cheekbone hollows, jawline, nose sides, and hairline. After you’re done contouring, highlight that gorgeous face with the highlighter for a shimmer-free luminous glow. Then, go ahead and use it to pop your cheeks!  

Fill The Brows 

Brush the eyebrows up with a brow definer to set and fill them. Once you’re happy with how they look, go ahead and fill in the gaps wherever needed. Finally, use brow setting gel to lock and rock the freshly defined brows!  

Letting Your Eyes Talk!

Are you into winged-eyed smokey looks? Or perhaps the natural look? Wait, are you a cat eye? We get it; there are numerous ways to define your eyes and make them stand out. And it’s all about personal preferences. So, while we don’t know which eye-shadow look you’d want to pair with your matte glow-up, we do have a line of products to make the process easier. 

Finish Off With The Lips!

Finally, finish it off with a statement lip makeup look with vibrant matte lipsticks to compliment your face with just the right amount of glitz! Many popular makeup brands are coming up with gorgeous natural lipstick shades suitable for all Indian skin. Look for a lip shade that matches your skin tone, and we’re sure you’re destined to find that perfect shade that flatters your skin! 

Lo and behold! There you have it— the most straightforward but iconic matte look you can now rock daily!

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