Best DSLR camera Nikon D500

DSLR camera Nikon D500 Body – functional photographic equipment with professional capabilities

Performance, speed, focus, and stabilization accuracy, a professional arsenal of functions – all this is harmoniously combined in the strengthened body of the Nikon D500 DSLR. With it, photographers and cinematographers will be able to fully realize their own ideas, complementing them with artistic effects, which is why each frame will surely become unique.

Accurate and fast

The automatic focusing system used by the filmmaking camera has 153 aiming points at once, which allows you to maintain focus practically over the entire area of ​​the frame. At the same time, not only static but also moving objects can be in focus, for which tracking can be assigned. Thanks to this, every, even the most fleeting moment, in the pictures will be clear.

Impressively colorful pictures

The updated EXPEED 5 image-processing chipset, ISO increased to Hi 5, and a 20.9MP DX-format sensor gives the user powerful tools to create true masterpieces with rich natural colors.

Cinematic Videos

The branded Nikon camera is capable of recording 4K UHD video for up to 30 minutes, which fully meets the requirements of professional operators. To ensure the best possible result, the model even has an electronic vibration reduction system that will help when shooting handheld, as well as an automatic sensitivity adjustment function.

DX Benefits

The film camera is able to reveal to the photographer all the advantages of DX-format sensors, which are a harmonious combination of outstanding lightness and telephoto capabilities.

Even more functional with mobile software

With the integrated Bluetooth interface, the user’s smartphone and the camera can become virtually one. To do this, the owner just needs to install the proprietary SnapBridge app. Its functionality will allow:

  • automatically resize images;
  • publish the created material on social networks;
  • send it to backup copy sources;
  • carry out flexible adjustment of operating parameters.

Flawless reliability

New photographic equipment from Nikon is designed to work even in extreme situations. Therefore, its body was made of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy. Which are able to withstand shock loads, as well as prevent moisture and dust from entering the body.

The camera’s fast-acting shutter, which is rated for 200,000 actuations, also demonstrates enviable reliability.

High shooting speed

The Nikon D500 is designed with a powerful processor and extended memory buffer. This allows the device to create up to 10 fps without any problems without any degradation in quality.

In addition, photographers are offered a series of up to 200 shots in RAW format. As well as the ability to record video in UHD-quality for up to 30 minutes.more

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