Flowers sure are beautiful props for our homes, and they make great gifts for almost any occasion. Whenever there is any special event like a marriage, anniversary, birthday, funeral or even a party we tend to carry flowers and any other gift. In addition to this, flowers carry a significant meaning. Each flower has a special significance, and that is why every flower is used for a specific occasion. Flowers are also associated with emotions, and they are also used to convey unsaid feelings for a person. Here are 5 flowers with their meanings that will blow your mind:-

  1. Rose – This is one of the most popular flowers and is used on almost every occasion. Roses come in different shades, and surprisingly every shade has a separate meaning to it. This is why roses find their usefulness in a lot of events. For example, the classic red rose signifies love and romance and is used on Valentine’s Day to convey a passion for a particular person. The pink rose symbolizes happiness, gratefulness, and gratitude and is often used when you want to express your appreciation towards your friend or a close acquaintance. The white rose is associated with purity and innocence.This flower is usually used as a present for someone who has just had a baby or can be used when going to someone’s funeral. Yellow roses are used to express friendship and that you care. A bouquet of yellow roses can be gifted to your best friend on friendship day to show them that you care about them. All these roses in different colors are available in our shop. You can choose a shade of rose on your own accord, and we can customize it for you. You can easily order one of these through San Jose CA flower delivery and send it to your loved ones.
  2. Lilies – This magnificent flower symbolizes and beauty and purity of the heart. This flower can be used in almost all events. Roses are in used weddings and funerals alike. However, we can put additional flowers along with them to create stunning bouquets for various occasions.
  3. Carnations – This gorgeous flower has a very exquisite look to it. This flower signifies fascination and love. The different hues of this flower have slightly different meanings. Red carnations are usually used to confess love for a person, while the striped carnations show regret that love can’t be shared. White carnations can be used as a present to give to someone who has a significant milestone to achieve in front of them or to someone who has just achieved success. Either way, white carnations mean good luck and pure love. The white and pink carnations in our shop can be put together in a bouquet for you to gift to your better half or a long-time lover, as carnations of these two shades express admiration and long-lasting love. We are one of the most renowned San Jose CA florists you can buy your flowers from for the ones you care about.
  4. Chrysanthemums – Mums are also trendy and are used on a lot of occasions. These vibrant flowers are often associated with Mother’s Day and are used to present your mother on her special day. These flowers can also be gifted to the fathers on their special day. Chrysanthemums are generally used as a gift on birthdays to parents or elders. Mums are cultivated all over the world as birthday flowers.Again, chrysanthemums come in different hues which are available in our shop. You can choose the flowers based on your requirement, and we can personalize a bouquet for you. Our San Jose, CA flower shops have all exclusive ranges of flowers available for you.
  5. Sunflower – Notice how sunflowers tend to turn towards the sun? That is enough to symbolize the warmth and joyfulness that sunflowers spread. This flower can be used to wish good luck to someone to set foot on a new ambition. You can even buy yourself many fresh sunflowers from our shop or order flowers online, as these flowers are often referred to as self-care flowers. Keeping this bunch around will uplift your mood. Visit our website, and have access to SnapBloom’s exclusive range of flowers to gift your loved ones.

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