Things To Give Someone When Invited For Lunch/Dinner

Every once in a while, you must be invited to someone’s home for lunch or dinner or just for tea. You might encounter your old classmate from high school or a colleague from your previous office. Lunches and dinners can be a good way to spend time with them and reminisce the old memories to have a good laugh. If you are going to have dinner or lunch at someone’s home in the coming days, you would have to take something with you as a token of gratitude for inviting you. But there is always some confusion on what to buy. What if they did not like it? So here is a list of things you can take with you when invited for lunch, dinner, or tea.



Flowers make the best gratitude token for anyone. If you have been invited for a meal to someone’s home, you can consider taking a bouquet of their favorite flowers or just a bunch of pretty flowers. You don’t have to worry about a big or a small one. A token of gratitude can even be a small gift. So, take a bouquet that you think would look beautiful to them.


A decorative piece:

There are so many things available in the market that people can keep as a piece of decoration in their home. You can give them wall hangings, vases, small statues, bobbleheads, etc., for them to keep in their home. If you do not know their choice, you can always go with something that will be a general piece of decoration for any household. You would not have to worry about their home’s look because general showpieces can go with anything.


Photo frames:

People do like to hang photos in their homes, and a photo frame can be a good option for you to give them. It won’t cost you much, and you will have a number of designs, patterns, and materials to choose from. You can always go with glass frames because they will complement any interior and also look sleek if kept in the home.



There are not many people who would not like to have a painting in their home. If you are visiting them for the first time, but they are important in your life, you need to give them something that reminds them of you. A painting in the home can be a mesmerizing thing to keep. If you are good at art and craft or painting, you can gift them something made by yourself. It will also have emotional value attached to it. Giving them something from your own collection can also make a great token of gratitude.



A bottle of wine is the most popular thing that people prefer to buy when they are visiting someone. The reason behind this is that it blends easily with the meals and you do not have to work on people’s preferences of gifts when buying something. Buying a bottle of wine from a retail store or online could be the best option if you have been invited to a dinner or lunch.


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