How to check facebook requested messages or filtered messages

On the off chance that you enter giveaways on Facebook, you ought to check your message inbox (or Messenger application) routinely in the event that you get a triumphant notice! However, it’s not as clear as it appears – there are likewise Message Requests and Spam (Filtered Messages) inboxes to check. 

  • In the event that you get a Facebook message from a companion (or a page you’ve informed), it will go into your ordinary Chats inbox at 
  • In the event that a message roll in from somebody Facebook figures you may know, it will go into your Message Requests 
  • Messages from non-companions, expected by Facebook to be spam, are shipped off your Spam (recently called Filtered) envelope 


A Facebook page (organization) can possibly message a fan straightforwardly on the off chance that they have remarked on their page – OR they can message if the fan has recently communicated something specific. Here and there however, a notice about a giveaway you’ve won will come from a page administrator, who needs to utilize their own record to send that message – and it might well go to your Spam organizer! Contact facebook customer service phone number if you are facing any issue while working on facebook.

Discover your messages on 

Go to and tap the discourse bubble symbol at the highest point of your program window to open your fundamental message inbox – it will have Chats at the top. This is additionally a similar arrangement as though you go straightforwardly to 

  • Snap the three spots to one side of the Chats heading, and starting from the drop menu select Message Requests. 
  • This will open your Requests inbox. Parchment directly down to the furthest limit of all your Message Requests and you should see a connection to See Spam messages – on the off chance that you have any! 
  • In the event that you Reply to a message demand or a spam (sifted) message, it will move to your fundamental Chats inbox. In the event that you would prefer not to react, you can either leave the message in your inbox, or snap I would prefer not to get with… 
  • In the event that you pick this, you would then be able to conclude whether to erase discussion or square the sender. 

Find your messages utilizing the Messenger application 

To discover your Message Requests on a versatile, open Messenger. It will show you a rundown of your present Chats (your standard inbox). Tap your profile photograph at the highest point of the screen. At that point tap Message Requests from the menu. 

  • Look down past all the Requests and you’ll see a Spam symbol – this is the place where your sifted messages are (on the off chance that you have any!) 
  • Discovering Facebook message demands on MessengerFinding Facebook message demands and spam on Messenger 


Tap your message demands or spam (separated) messages to see every one – you can erase the message, or square the sender. Some spam records will be erased by Facebook, and rather you will see ‘Facebook client’ as the sender (see above screen capture). 

Find your messages utilizing the Messenger application (old form) 

  • To discover your Message Requests on portable, open Messenger and tap the People symbol at the last (2 individuals), at that point on the following screen tap the Messages symbol (discourse bubble) to see your Message Requests. 
  • Look down past the entirety of your solicitations and you’ll see the Filtered Messages heading (in the event that you have any!). Tap to Show all. 
  • Tap Accept to move the message to your normal inbox. Tap Decline to erase it. 

In the event that you get an old winning message and find you’ve missed the case date for your prize (or there was no case date!) don’t surrender. Send an affable message back to the advertiser clarifying that you didn’t think about the Filtered Messages envelope – they might be thoughtful!

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