4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Furniture from Fading

Taking a look at your interior design and structure of your house, you might be amazed to see the rays of the sun touching the inner walls of the house, while you enjoy the sunset sitting in your favourite chair or maybe you are an early bird who adorns the beauty of the rising sun that reflects its natural light that directly falls on the objects passing through the window creating a splendid scene.


The colours on the walls of your house, the polish on the furniture shine in gold when the sun rays penetrate and drench every item and room in your house. Although the view is mesmerizing, yet it comes with a drawback. The direct rays of the sun can literally ruin your carpets, furniture, colors and artwork on the walls. The UV rays present in the sunlight can affect the chemicals present in the polish and color of the objects and can easily make them dull.


How sad it is to see your huge investment getting all faded and dull, decreasing the curb appeal of your place. To protect your furnishings from fading, it is important to take preventive measures like installing shades and shutters, using drapes and curtains that can act as a barrier to the direct sunlight.


Down below are given some of the easy ways to protect your interiors from direct sunlight-


1) Abstinence your furniture- You may prefer natural lighting hitting areas of the room to create a warmer effect or to save electricity bills. If yes, then you should also think about the expensive furniture that basks in the sun to rot. The best way to protect your furniture from UV rays is to place them in the shady areas of your house, away from windows or you can put furniture covers on the ones that are framed near windows or balconies.


2) Go for window treatments- Be smart and consider window treatments like covering your windows with drapes, blinds and shutters or installing window awnings to block the direct sun rays from entering your interiors. It will help to keep the temperature of your house regulated during summers too.


3) Apply window films or tints- One of the best ways to keep the harmful rays of the sun out and protect your valuable furniture from it is to install high-quality solar window films that restrict 99 per cent of the UV rays from entering the windows. They are installed on the outer side of the window that acts a protective layer. Keep in mind; window films do not block your view, only the harmful light.


4) Remodel specific areas- I would suggest you consider window remodelling if your house is full of windows since the modern windows come with varying patterns that can block the UV rays and direct light from entering inside.


5) Polish your furniture- Take all the above measures into account and get your furniture repolished or varnished if the shine has faded away.





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