Planning on Getting Window Replacement Done in Colorado Springs?

If you have decided to get your windows replaced, then chances are your old windows have either reached the end of their lives or are reaching the end. When getting window replacement done in Colorado Springs, one thing that comes to mind is the different types of windows you can replace the old ones with.

There are quite a few different windows that window contractors such as Red Oak Exteriors can install for you. While the basic concept behind windows is similar, to let light and sometimes air into the home, you can pick different styles and designs.

So, if you have a window replacement scheduled and are looking for replacement windows, this article will help you decide what type of windows you want to replace the old ones with.

Types Of Windows You Can Choose For Window Replacement

When you are picking new windows for your window replacement project, different factors are considered, such as size, style, and shape of the windows.

While you can install countless types of windows in your home, some types are more popular than others. With that being said, here are some common types of windows you can:

Casement Windows: If you want to have both air and light in your home, then casement windows are an excellent option for you. These windows open outwards, have hinges, and be opened using a crank to allow the maximum amount of air.

The ease of operation makes casement windows ideal for areas where you will be opening and closing the window quite often. With that being said, since these windows open outwards, if you have a tree of other structure in front of the window, then this type of window might not be the ideal option for you.

Fixed windows: Fixed windows, as the name suggests, can not be opened, and they are the best replacement windows if you are looking for a window that only lets light in. These windows are also installed when the window’s size is large, and it doesn’t make sense to open them up.

With that being said, fixed windows are combined with smaller opening windows fitted on both sides of fixed windows to allow air in if needed.

Sliding windows: Sliding windows are some of the most popular types of windows, and they slide open to allow air in. Sliding windows can be added to both modern and traditional style homes, and they come in different styles, colors, and materials for you to choose from.

These windows have tracks that allow you to slide them open or close them effortlessly. Similar to casement windows, sliding windows are often installed when you need to open the window.

Picture windows: Picture windows are a form of fixed windows installed when you want to showcase the outside view as if it was a picture.

If your home is located in an area where it gives views of mountains or other landscapes, then a picture window can help bring focus on the scenery.

However, since these windows can not be opened, they have other smaller windows on each side to allow air in.

Bay windows: These windows are similar to picture windows, but they protrude outwards from the home structure.

However, these windows can only be used as a replacement if you already had bay windows installed before since they require an outwards protruding system to be installed properly.

Now that you know what options you have for your new replacement windows, it is time to look up window replacement near me to buy one. Also, the window replacement company you have contracted can suggest some ideas according to the window’s layout and your requirements.

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