Essential Questions You Should Be Asking Roofing Companies in Peabody MA

Roofing is probably one of the most expensive investments you’ll be making for your house. So, during your search for roofing companies in Massachusetts, make sure to ask them the following questions to ensure you don’t end up with the wrong contractor.

Are They Licensed & Insured?

The first thing that you should be asking your contractor is to see if they are licensed or not. Don’t be afraid of asking them for physical proof for this factor because any reputable company will be more than happy to provide you with the proof.

For a company to be licensed, they simply have to register themselves with the state’s board. Furthermore, the roofing contractor in Peabody MA should also be insured with general liability on all their vehicles and labor.

Be sure to know all the state’s requirements you are living in because every state has different requirements they want the contractors to fulfill. Then, check your contractors and look for appropriate paperwork and permits.

How Long They Have Been In Business?

When you are investing in roofing repair services, don’t forget to ask your contractor about their experience. If a company is new, they might offer you cheap prices, but their services might not be up to the mark.

So, before hiring such companies make sure to check their reviews or ask about their labor and how long they have been working in the industry, and from where they got their training.

Make sure you hire a company that will provide you with quality services as a roof is one of the most expensive investments you will be making.

Who’ll Be On-Site During the Job?

When you hire a professional, they most probably have more than one jobs to handle. So, ask them beforehand who will be present on your property to ensure everything is running smoothly. For bigger companies, the presence of an owner or manager is a bit difficult.

That is why they hire project managers to look after your property. So, when you ask contractors like Melo’s Construction, they will give you the following three options: owner, manager, or project manager. Don’t accept an answer less than this.

Do They Charge Price On Per Square Foot?

This is one of the most important questions to determine whether the contractor you are interviewing has experience or not. The price of roofing services depends upon factors including current market price, number of square feet, age of the roof, condition of wood decking & shingles, etc.

Ask this question to your potential roofing contractors in Massachusetts. If they consider only one of these factors, then it is not a good idea to hire them, because, for accurate prices, all these factors need to be considered.

To save yourself from an extra visit to the roofing contractors in Boston, MA, you can contact them on phone to ask this query.

These are some of the essential questions you need to ask your roofing contractors before making the final decision of hiring them.

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