Top 5 Benefits of Using Coconut Carrier Oil

 What is a carrier oil? The concept of carrier oil becomes clear once we look at it in comparison with an essential oil. In layman’s terms, therefore, any oil that is not an essential oil is a carrier oil. It works as a base oil for diluting essential oils. Since essential oils cannot be applied directly on the skin, being highly concentrated herbal extracts, they require mixing with any suitable carrier oil for topical application. 100% pure carrier coconut oil is one of the best oils that you must always keep handy at home, not just for diluting essential oils, but also for its other health benefits.

The best carrier coconut oil for skin and hair comes as an undiluted, cold-pressed oil. Derived from the seeds, kernels or nuts of the coconut plant, it has zero side effects. When derived from organically grown coconut plants, the oil will not have any pesticide or fertilizer residues.  And if packed with care, it will also contain no synthetic preservatives or fragrances.

5 Awesome Benefits of 100% Pure, Carrier Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair:

  1. A powerful anti-aging ointment: 100% pure carrier coconut oil works wonderfully on all skin types as it gets absorbed very quickly. It powerfully removes find lines and wrinkles, while making the skin more elastic and tight making the skin more glossy and younger-looking. The oil is, therefore, a powerful anti-aging moisturizer. If you add it to your daily routine right from when you are in your mid-20s you can avoid premature aging.
  2. A potent deep cleanser: 100% pure carrier coconut oil has been traditionally used in India for its deep skin cleansing acid content. Coconut oil in its purest form comes with multiple antibacterial and antifungal properties, which powerfully fight acne buildups. It also creates a protective shield over the skin against germs and dust when applied. It easily replaces misellar water for removing makeups.
  3. For achieving robust hair growth: Since carrier coconut oil for skin and hair prevents dryness, it nourishes your hair to ward off damages. It strengthens the hair roots and removes dandruff. It makes the hair look smooth and shiny after every wash. The change becomes noticeable once you replace your usual hair oil with 100% pure carrier coconut oil.
  4. Removes dark circles: 100% pure carrier coconut oil can be used for lightening those dark under-eye circles too. It prevents fine lines under the eyes, relaxes the skin and also makes the skin heal faster from redness and bruising.
  5. Other benefits: You can use a 100% pure carrier coconut oil on your chapped lips or for smoothening out those dry skin patches. Apply it on brittle nails to make them soft and to increase their growth rate. It also keeps hair and skin hydrated, eventually removing dandruff.

How to Use Carrier Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair:

  1. Take 20 tbsp of coconut oil and mix it with 6 drops of peppermint oil. You can then store it in an airtight container, shaking it well before every use.
  2. For skin health, gently massage it on your face and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water.
  3. For hair health, take a few drops and massage it on your scalp. Let it rest for half an hour then wash it off with your regular shampoo.

A carrier oil should not be confused with a cooking oil. Although a cooking oil can sometimes double up as a carrier oil too. This is so because oils are extracted differently for cooking and for topical applications.

Use 100% pure carrier coconut oil as your homemade solution for addressing all common skin and hair related problems.

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