Complications Regarding Circumcision Surgery For Adults

No matter how simple or complicated it is, every surgery has certain complications that may lead to fatal consequences in some cases. Despite being one of the oldest and widely practiced surgeries, circumcision surgery for adults also has several complications ranging from excessive bleeding to fatal infections. This piece of writing will discuss the most common ones regarding circumcision to help the readers stay safe when they go through the procedure.

These complications are listed below:

Excessive bleeding

A standard circumcision procedure is simple, and not a lot of blood is lost. In some cases, the scenario may worsen, and the patient may experience excessive blood loss. The bleeding may not stop for hours or for days in some cases, which is a bad sign for the patient.

Reaction to anesthesia

Some doctors and some patients opt for anesthesia before circumcision to make the procedure easy and painless. It doesn’t go well for everyone. Reaction to anesthesia may lead to nausea, headache, and vomiting. These conditions are not short-lived in some cases and may extend for hours.


Infections at the incision site or on the skin around that area are the most common complication if you don’t take good care of the wound. Some of these symptoms may include unnecessary and prolonged redness, swelling, and yellow pus coming out from the wound. This may lead to severe infections and may complicate circumcision healing stages, prolonging recovery.

Incision complication

One of the most common incision complications is the redness and skin inflammation on the male reproductive organ. One of the primary reasons can be that the stitches don’t heal properly and leave scars on the skin. Though it doesn’t prolong and isn’t that worrying, you still need to take it seriously as it may lead to another infection.

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Foreskin complications

Foreskin complications are among the most common issues regarding circumcision surgery for adults. These may include the foreskin trimmed too short or left too long. Both these conditions may lead to infections or other related issues that require another surgery.

Urination issues

In some cases, the patients find it hard to urinate properly, and the urine only passes drop by drop. The difficulty to urinate is due to the narrowing of the urinary tract as the male genitalia swells after circumcision. Though this condition is very rare, it is painful for the patient.

Foreskin reattachment issues

After the surgery, the foreskin that remains is supposed to reattach to the male reproductive organ completely. It sometimes happens that it doesn’t reattach as it is supposed to be, causing discomfort for the patient. This condition requires another surgery for complete recovery.

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