7 Healthy Heart Tips to Improve Blood Circulation

Our heart plays an important role in our body as it pumps the blood around our body. Blood circulation is the vital key for a person’s life. When the heart pumps the blood, it provides oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body and removes the waste products. 

Our heart does a lot for us, but we often avoid its health and choose a lifestyle that can damage the heart. Blood circulation is important to live a healthy life, but what can you do about it?

When I visited one of the best surgeons in Lahore, he explained that our lifestyle affects heart function. We should focus on what we do for our heart health. Moreover, he asked some questions:

  • Are you on tobacco products? 
  • Do you intake saturated fats?
  • Do you sit still without any physical activity?

The above-mentioned facts are crucial for the blood circulation process. You should think about what you are up to because it can lead to better blood circulation. 

Here are some heart-friendly tips that may help you to live a healthy life. 


  • Consider Physical activity, like Jogging 


Our heart also needs exercise to function properly. Experts say that cardiovascular exercise improves blood circulation. When you exercise, the ability of the oxygen intake gets improved and leads to an increase in the blood vessels’ capacity to dilate. It allows the heart to work efficiently and receive more oxygen. It also helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Remember that being overweight can cause various health issues. 


  • Eat Healthy Diet, such as Oily Fish 


Many studies say that oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial for heart health. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids provide many health benefits and prevent many potential health diseases. There are many oily fish that you can eat for your heart health, such as tuna, sardines, mackerel, and salmon. If you do not like to eat fish, kale is a better choice for you as it also contains fatty acids but only a small amount. 

You can buy omega-3 fatty acids supplements as an alternative to oily fish. 


  • Maintain Iron Level


For the circulatory system, one of the main essential minerals is iron. It plays an important role in making hemoglobin. Researchers say that iron is a major component of the red blood cells that helps to carry oxygen around the body. Meanwhile, it maintains the balance of the iron in your body. Going with too much iron can negatively affect your heart health. You can eat an iron-rich diet, seafood, peas, dried fruit, red meat, beans, etc., or buy supplements from the market. 


  • Go with a Healthy Weight


When you avoid physical activity and sit all the time, it will lead to obesity issues. Experts say that being overweight is the root of many health diseases, including heart issues. People who are overweight do not have proper blood circulation. Losing extra pounds leads to healthy blood circulation and improves heart function by increasing the adiponectin protein. 


  • Tea 


You may be surprised to know that tea has many [positive effects on your heart. How?

Tea contains antioxidants that promote cardiovascular health and lead to better blood circulation. Do you like green tea or black tea? Well, you can drink any tea as both contain antioxidants. Green tea lowers the risk of coronary artery disease while black tea prevents the blood vessels from damage. 


  • Yoga 


Many people do not believe in yoga’s effects on heart health, but it’s a fact that it leaves positive effects on blood circulation. There is a simple yoga position, a downward-facing dog that leads to better blood circulation by putting hips and heart above the head. 


  • Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control 


High blood pressure increases the risk of blood artery damage. People with low blood pressure may experience poor blood circulation while high blood pressure may damage the blood vessels. Change your lifestyle and eat a healthy diet to maintain blood pressure. High blood pressure is caused by many conditions, like diabetes, obesity issues, LDL cholesterol level, etc. 


People often avoid the symptoms of poor blood circulation, like numbness and cramps in the legs or the arms. You should notice such symptoms and visit a doctor for a medical checkup. But make sure that you do your best for your heart with a healthy lifestyle and food. 

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