TOP 5 reasons to have Linen dress

Linen clothing used to be clothes for the royals, priests, and for knights… Not anymore, you also can look and be luxurious. Linen clothing is not just eco friendly, natural, but also has healing properties.


Let’s see why you should buy linen dresses.

Linen is durable

It is not just durable, but also one of the sturdiest natural clothing materials in the world. It is even more durable than cotton. So the good cotton dress would look nice for a couple of seasons, while a linen dress could last beyond that.


Do you imagine having your favorite dress for 4-5 years or even longer? Isn’t that dream come true! Natural fibers like linen do not have synthetic materials, that’s why they are durable. Your linen dress will not lose its shape even after washing.

Linen is easy to care

Linen garments have some basic rules that you need to follow. You can wash it with a machine. The only thing is to remember – wash it with cold water and do not use bleach or whiteners. These two detergents will weaken the fiber.


For longer durability, dry your linen dress or other linen apparel naturally. The best news is, that high-quality linen has creases or wrinkles. So, you don’t have to iron them.

Linen is for every season

Some people will associate linen clothing in summer. But it is wrong. Because linen fabric can keep you warm, and also cool. Magical fabric!


Linen is made from flax. Flax is used for insulating homes. It is a natural and eco-friendly insulator that is capable of releasing excess humidity. Other natural fabrics like cotton or wool will keep you warm, but sadly it will also make you sweat.


So, if you are searching for a dress or pants for winter, try linen and see its magical benefits first hand.

Linen is for everyone

Natural fiber, like linen, is the best for people who suffer from various allergies or have highly sensitive skin. The linen does not allow moisture to build up, that is why bacteria and microbes do not breed. Also, linen allows the skin to breathe, the air moves easily. Especially good clothing choices on hot summer days.


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Linen is universal

Linen clothing is for all occasions. You can look luxuriously in a formal event or have a low-key look in casual settings. In these times you can find various colors, various shapes, and sizes. Also, you can find accessories to fit your chosen wardrobe pieces.


Amazingly, this material is also environmentally friendly. Dressing in linen will make you feel good, and that is a bonus.

In the end,


In this article, we discuss the five benefits of wearing linen clothing. Linen is the future of clothing, no doubt. Be friendly to yourself and to your environment – choose linen.

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