The next big thing for LTC, ADA , And Link is in 2022.

After 2021 has ended, all inquiries and trends in the knowledge of what is exciting in the cryptocurrency market in the coming year 2022 are changing. investing and enjoying the income, many altcoins make the list. With so many of these altcoins to choose from, it becomes difficult to choose. To make your journey into the world of altcoins easier, the article is a magician. So that your questions are answered. they are just a read away. Let’s start with


Litecoin is simply called the Ad-Lite version of “Bitcoin”. The first altcoin still on the market is slowly reaching a high noise level. It was created from a source code “fork” of the Bitcoin core blockchain (a fork is when a blockchain diverges into two separate paths, creating two different currencies.)

The main differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin include :

lower transactions lower block generation higher limit of coins Undoubtedly, Litecoin has not fallen into a volatility trap in these seven years and has proven to be a stable coin, it has an impressive price point, although it promises a cheap user experience! So if LTC manages to maintain its stability along with network upgrades, it can hit a potential maximum of $ 712.75 by the end of 2022. In contrast, if the coin is not enthusiastic among investors, even though it has been in the market for a long time, its advantages can be negated.


Chainlink’s vision is eerily similar. This decentralized oracle network connects Ethereum and Ether-based tokens with off-chain information sources. So that unrelated products and services can take advantage of the data hosted in the Ethereum ecosystem. These visions have already made connections. started connecting to the Polkadot mainnet six months ago, which gives application developers more opportunities to create programs and services around a combination of Chainlink and Polkadot functions.

Cardano :
Cardano is a new cryptocurrency that was formed in 2017. Cardano is open-source, decentralized, and scalable.
Cardano had some issues when it first started but has since recovered.
The main reason Cardano is so popular is because of the team behind it. The team consists of three co-founders who are all experts in their field: Charles Hoskinson, who is the CEO and former Ethereum co-founder; IOHK CEO, the founder of Ethereum Classic; and Kenetic Capital Founder.
Charles Hoskinson also has experience with launching successful cryptocurrency projects, which gives him an edge over other cryptocurrencies that are just starting out.
One thing to consider before investing in Cardano is that they’re still in the process of releasing their final product so there’s not much information on how well it does yet.

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