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When it comes to memorize holy Quran it becomes very difficult for Hifzu unless you have an experienced Quran teacher. Here are some of the reasons that make us the best online Quran academy in the US and UK when it comes to memorizing the Quran online.

Quran tutor to memorize

We do not compromise on the quality of the online Koran teachers we offer. Not every Hafiz is competent enough to help you in the Koran. We know this fact and that’s why we always employ certified Quran tutors to help you read and memorize the Quran online. We don’t want you to waste your valuable time and money hiring the wrong people. To ensure that our students receive the most qualified teachers, we appoint the most certified and reputable Quran teachers for them.

Strict quality control in recruiting

Quality always comes first, especially when it comes to memorizing the Quran online. Therefore, we are taking all possible steps to provide you with the best Quran teachers so that you can get Quran memorization lessons online. For this, we have prepared a series of tests and defined specific criteria. Anyone who wants to teach Quran memorization online must take this test and meet our criteria. Therefore, we select a large number of highly qualified teachers and select the best for you.

memorized online quran

Customizable times for your Quran lessons

The most common problem students face while visiting madrasas is schedules. Many students do not attend school because they do not have time to enter the madrasah. But you will not miss classes after renting a Koran school as we will teach you at the time you want. Our main concern is the convenience of our students. We always try to make it easier for you especially when it comes to memorizing the Quran which is a difficult process. Therefore, you can always decide with us according to your busy schedule, and at this point, our mentor is available to you.

We take your feedback seriously

We believe in student satisfaction because we know that is the main thing that leads to a better learning experience. To ensure our students get the proper attention from teachers, we welcome feedback from our students. This review is used as a tool to assess teacher performance. If we find that a student is dissatisfied with the teacher, we change teachers. In this way, we manage to satisfy our customers with our work.

Memorizing the Quran is the dream of all Muslims, but due to commitments, irregularities, and lack of guidance, most of the brothers and sisters cannot continue with it but memorize the Quran, you will not be able to complete it. QuranHost understands the importance of memorizing the Holy Quran and offers online lessons for memorizing the Quran at home.

QuranHost has designed this “Koran Memorization Online” course for brothers and sisters who have a lot of enthusiasm and interest in memorizing the Quran. QuranHost, under the guidance of an online Quran teacher, offers a flexible schedule, along with a very simple and easy methodology for memorizing the Quran. You can easily remember the Quran in your home. You can take lessons anytime, anywhere on your computer, iPad, or mobile.

We use both classical and modern approaches to memorizing the Quran and we want to memorize in the setting of the Islamic Center for Storing the Quran.

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