All About Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

The AZ-303 Azure Architect Technologies is a Microsoft certification exam that covers the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure essential for Enterprise Architects. The focus of the certification is on distributed application design and development, configuration management, and tools. 

The Microsoft Azure Certification provides an entry point into building cutting-edge cloud architectures within Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. It takes a big step forward in establishing enterprise architects at companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Azure Certification Cost:

Currently, the exam fee for AZ-303 is USD 165.

Skills Required for the AZ-303 Exam: 

Before you start your preparation with this study guide, make sure to have a proper understanding of the following topics:

  1. Azure cloud services, virtual machines, and virtual networks 
  2. Azure PaaS Services like Azure App Services and Web Apps 
  3. Azure Resource Manager 
  4. Azure Active Directory 
  5. Cloud security 
  6. Cloud storage 
  7. Hybrid Deployments 
  8. Monitoring 
  9. Disaster recovery 
  10. Azure Resource Manager Templates 
  11. Azure PowerShell and the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI) 
  12. Azure PowerShell deployments 
  13. Networking 
  14. Azure Functions 
  15. Data Lake appliance 
  16. Azure services 
  17. Internet of Things

Exam AZ-303 has 70 questions, requiring candidates to answer in 90 minutes or less, with a 65% passing score required to pass the exam and earn your certificate.

For taking this exam, you need to register first on the Prometric website. The registration is free, and you will receive an email from ECC after registering for the exam with a temporary username and password for accessing the exam portal. Once you have registered for the exam, you will be given a reference number and password for accessing the exam.

Prerequisites for the AZ-303 Exam:

Microsoft recommends that you meet the following prerequisites before taking this exam:

  • You should have a minimum of two to five years’ experience in enterprise-level systems design, integration, or implementation. 
  • Azure certification training can help you get familiarized with the exam’s topics.
  • You should have experience in data center infrastructure and distributed application design and implementation. 
  • It would help if you had experience working with various operating systems such as Windows Server, Linux, or VMware vSphere. 
  • Experience with cloud technologies such as VMware vSphere and AWS is highly recommended. 
  • You should be proficient in the use of various programming languages such as C#, Java, .NET (C# and VB), Python, Shell scripting, and Cloud Management Frameworks such as Windows Server System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

Certification After Successfully Passing the AZ-303 Exam: 

After completing the exam of AZ 303, you will receive a passing certification on Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect certification.

This certification is designed for individuals who want to design and deploy complex cloud infrastructures using Azure. If you wish to further update your knowledge about cloud technologies and develop competitive skills in the field, this certification is undoubtedly the best choice for you. The AZ-303 exam aims at determining how much your candidate understands the general concepts of cloud computing and its deployment, design, administration, and maintenance processes. In other words, it tests your knowledge in understanding the core concepts related to cloud technologies.

At the end of this exam, you will receive the certification that remains valid for two years, which is also renewable. It is an industry-standard document that you will use to prove your ability in the field. As this exam is intended to test your knowledge in advanced cloud technology-related concepts, expect it to be challenging and complex since these types of exams are designed to test advanced ideas that you need to master as part of your learning journey. Therefore, where it may appear complicated at first sight, do not worry about believing that it is too complex for you because everything is examined in depth by the exam questions.


Exam AZ-303 is the perfect choice to take if you are looking for a career in cloud computing and want to start on the right foot. The exam aims to test your knowledge in general concepts of cloud technologies and has sections that test your practical skills. With azure certifications, you can prove yourself as an expert in cloud technologies and stand out from the crowd by making it a point to master this field of expertise.

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