5 Online Investment Banking Courses to pursue in 2020

Marked with a good salary, perks, sponsored vacations, and more, Investment banking is a
lucrative career option. Among several finance jobs, it is a preferred career choice for most
graduates in finance. And a definite career choice for anyone with good caliber in finance
looking to reach high rungs in the finance sector.
However, the profession is also rife with strenuous long working hours. But competitive salary
and regular time-offs from work to unwind are worth the long working hours. Working in
investment banking can be stressful at times, but it is worth the reward ripped after putting in
efforts. An investment banker is required to have an extensive skill set, ranging from good
communication skills to analytical and logical aptitude.
If you’re looking to get into investment banking here are five courses that will make you stand
1. Complete Investment banking course by Udemy
This is a comprehensive course on investment banking. It covers basic to advanced levels
of investment banking, which help to land a job in investment banking. The course
features explanatory animated videos and long lectures to deliver complex concepts in
small and easy to understand formats. You will have access to real-life case studies of
companies and understand valuations and investment tactics.
Further, you will learn in and out of IPO pricing, learn company re-structuring and asset
management, and more.
2. Chartered Investment Banking Professional by IBCA
Investment banking council of America offers a comprehensive certification for
investment banking professionals to climb the ladder in an investment banking career.
This investment banking certification covers financial modeling, discounted cash
flows analysis, merger and acquisitions, markets and decision-making, and more.
For any fresh and experienced finance professional who is looking to quickly grow in
investment banking career, this is a well-designed and suitable investment banking
3. Investment banking course by Wall Street Mojo
This investment banking course offers you to learn from experts at Wall Street Mojo.
The course covers finance, equity investments, IPO, among several other skills. This
starts from basics – accounting, excel, financial modeling, company valuations – and
delves into the complexities of investment banking.
4. Investment Banking Certification by the New York Institute of Finance
This certification is equivalent to a mini-MBA for all those who want to master finance.
You will learn financial statement analysis, M & A, IPOs and gather knowledge of
mutual funds, equity, and more. Further, you will learn risk management in business,
understand wealth and portfolio management. Drafting M & A deals are covered as well.
After taking this certification, you can easily work with financial firms to offer your
5. Investment Banking Analyst Training
This certification in investment making is meant for finance professionals working at
lower rungs of investment banking and are looking to pursue a long-term career in
investment banking. The course covers theoretical concepts and offers practice material
and exposes you to networking and financial modeling.
Additionally, you will learn about corporate finance, understand company valuations and
banking statement analysis, and improve your excel skills. M&A modeling and company
structure is also part of the course.

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