Durga Puja: Bengali’s largest cultural festival

Bengalis opt to believe that this is often the time once deity Hindu deity arrives at her parental home on earth from her bridal direct Mount Kailash. and he or she arrives along with her kids in tow – Ganesha, Kartikeya, Hindu deity and Saraswati. despite the fact that Hindu deity is idolized in her demon-slaying create, she is thus seen flanked by her kids. The deity and her kid’s square measure delineated together with their animal mounts. Myriads of rites and rituals present itself throughout the 5 days of the particular Puja, extending from Sosthi (the sixth day of Navaratri) to Dashami (the tenth day, Vjayadashami or Dussehra). Here square measure a couple of the foremost well-liked rituals.


The actual Hindu deity Puja begins on Sosthi. it’s believed that this autumnal worship was initiated by Rama to hunt the assistance of the deity in defeating Ravana. thence the deity needs to be specially invoked through the ceremony of Bodhon, which is performed within the evening. many alternative rituals square measure performed before this throughout the day, as well as reassuring the deity that every one ceremony would be performed in step with the norms, activity the place of worship, etc.

Nabapatrika Snan

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Nabapatrika Snan on the seventh day of puja
Nabapatrika Snan on the seventh day of puja
It is a curious ritual that most likely indicates the rural roots of society. 9 plants, of that the banana plant is that the most visible, square measure tied along to create the Nabapatrika (nine leaves). They represent the 9 varieties of the feminine power Sakti – Brahmani (banana), Kalika (colacassia), Hindu deity (turmeric), Kartiki (jayanti), Shiva (wood apple), Raktadantika (pomegranate), Sokrahita (ashoka), Chamunda (arum) and Hindu deity (paddy). Nabapatrika is taken for a shower (Snan) within the stream (Ganga in Kolkata) once that she is wrapped during a dress and placed next to Ganesha. because the leaves of the banana plant are most distinguished, the Nabapatrika is popularly referred to as Kola Bou (banana bride). The Nabapatrika Snan takes place on Saptami (the seventh day).


While the clergymen perform the rites and rituals related to the worship of the deity, everybody else gets to pay their respect through Pushpanjali (floral giving created with cupped palms) or Anjali for brief. Anjali takes place on all 3 days – Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami. The auspicious hour for Anjali, continuously within the morning, is declared beforehand. it’s customary to quick till you have got offered the day’s Anjali. At the scheduled hour, everybody bathed and wearing new garments, take in front of the deity, clutching a containerful of flowers together with bel leaves. They repeat the mantra once the priest and throw the flowers at the deity within the finish. 3 rounds of floral offerings present itself.

Kumari Puja

Kumari Puja takes place on Ashtami (eighth day). A pre-pubescent lady is chosen to be idolized because of the living incarnation of Hindu deity. wearing new garments and clothed up with floral ornaments, she shares the stage with the deity. one in every of the foremost well-liked destinations to envision the Kumari Puja is Belur maths, the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Order based by Hindoo Vivekananda.

Sandhi Puja

It is at the juncture once Ashtami ends and Navami begins that articulation Puja happens. It marks the instant once deity Hindu deity emerged in her angry Chamunda type to kill the demons Chanda and Austro-Asiatic. 100 and eight lamps square measure lit. The priest utters the mantra. and therefore the drummers (dhaki) burgled a fanatical beat. Earlier, it absolutely was customary to form AN animal sacrifice too. however, it’s been mostly out of print and vegetables square measure symbolically sacrificed.

Dhunuchi Naach

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Dhunuchi Naach on Navami
Dhunuchi Naach on Navami
One of the riotous however fun-filled rituals that take place on Navami (ninth day) evening. Clay pots square measure crammed with burning charcoal. individuals take it in their hands and begin terpsichore to the beating of dhaak. That additional professional, hold the clay pots on their head, typically even holding a pot by their teeth. Earlier a forte of men, dhunuchi naach is additionally performed by girls currently.

Sindur Khela

Traditionally, Hindu girls, whose husbands square measure alive, wear the cinnabar mark on their forehead. On Dashami, the deity is bid farewell before being taken out for immersion within the stream. one in every one of the rituals embraces Sindur Khela wherever married girls (but not widows) provide cinnabar and sweets to the deity. then they smear one another with the cinnabar. Photographers go click-happy throughout this ritual. Of late, some girls have began to question the custom of not permitting widows to participate in the competition.


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Immersion of Maa Hindu deity, or Bisarjan
Immersion of Maa Hindu deity, or Bisarjan
The deity and her kids square measure taken get in a procession for Bisorjon or immersion within the stream, indicating her come to Mount Kailash. Even today, a number of the recent households (bonedi bari) follow the custom wherever the idols square measure placed on a bamboo platform and carried on the shoulders of men. however, most carry the idols on a truck up to the stream bank. Then the idols square measure placed on a ship and brought to the center of the stream for the immersion. state commercial enterprise and plenty of non-public tour operators organize for boat cruises to watch the immersion ceremony.


This marks the top of the annual competition. tykes bit the feet of elders. Elders bless the young. Men of constant age perform Kolakuli, a form of petting gesture. Special sweets, particularly Naru or roundels created with coconut and jaggery, square measure distributed. Earlier, it absolutely was the women’s job to form completely different styles of savories and sweets reception to be distributed throughout Bijoya. Nowadays, individuals largely obtain eatables from outlets.

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