Seven Important Facts That You Should Know about Concentrate packaging

Cannabis concentrates claim to have some benefits and so are popular amongst some people. After their legalization in some places, the industry is becoming famous and getting profits. To make potential consumers be attracted to the product, brands can focus on creating alluring concentrate packaging that can stand out. Packaging that looks attractive can help increase brand awareness and allow the brand to have a separate identity within the market.

Interesting facts about concentrate packaging

Concentrates tend to be potent products made from the essence particularly of the cannabis plant. Some examples are oils, tinctures, etc. These have to be kept safe from any harm. Concentrate packaging can help out here when it is designed sturdily.

The boxes can also be used to allure customers towards your brand. This can only happen when you design them attractively so that they stand out and get noticed in front of the competition.

The following are seven important facts about concentrate boxes:

Know your customer base

Packaging for any product including concentrates needs to be designed keeping the customer base in mind. You have to know what shoppers want from packaging and design the boxes in this way.

When it comes to concentrates, these may mostly be brought by adults, and those in their late teens. You have to make packaging appeal to them. It should not attract kids by having images of popular cartoon characters.

The boxes can be designed decently so that they appeal to the customer base. These are those individuals who need the product and will think about buying it.

Keep features of the product in mind

The product matters and you need to design concentrated packaging so that it is perfect for the merchandise. Research on the features of your product and what it needs from packaging.

For instance, if the product is put in tinctures, you need to have boxes that will keep these safe from any harm. If the tincture is made from glass the packaging should keep sensitive items secure.

Choose good-quality packaging material

The material you choose for custom concentrate boxes matters as well. It should not cause the boxes to break and allow the item to be exposed. It is important to focus on investing in the best material if you want to give a good impression to your customers. If the boxes are breaking, shoppers will get a bad impression.

Materials that you can consider include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. They are all environmentally friendly and will keep the concentrates safe. The materials do not have chemicals that can harm the product.

Choose to be sustainable

There are now many environmentally-conscious shoppers who want to associate themselves with brands that care for the environment. If you want to be seen as a sensible brand then you should opt for “green” packaging materials.

The materials must be recyclable, reusable, biodegradable. They should not end up in water bodies polluting them. Careless packaging can negatively affect humans by the pollution it causes. It also depletes natural resources.

This is why you should reduce your carbon footprint and help shoppers do this as well. All of us need to play our role if any positive result is to be obtained.

Details on packaging

Wholesale boxes should be used to inform shoppers about the product. You must include information about what the product is on the packaging. Find out what details customers want to know and include these and in a readable way.

The product is a sensitive one and you should know what details may need to be included by law. You can for instance state what the product is, its ingredients, quantity, weight, when to use by, how to use it and store it, warnings, etc.

Other details that can be included are the special points about your product. If it helps a certain health condition, you can provide honest scientific information on this. It will encourage some shoppers to want to try out the concentrate.

Increase brand awareness

If you want your brand to be known you should use concentrated packaging to inform shoppers about it. Include a brand logo on the box which should be a memorable one that can be noticed.

The logo will be prominent on the boxes of your products. When shoppers see it, they will know that the merchandise is from your business.

You can even state the physical address of your company, phone number, email address, social media links, website, etc. The points help customers contact you if they need to. They can also get to know more about your brand with these details.

Designed looking at trends

Trends are important when it comes to packaging. They help you know what the competition is doing and what is attracting shoppers. Custom concentrate boxes should follow trends whilst be unique.

For example, the minimalist trend is a popular one that attracts adults. The packaging design is kept simple whilst conveying the details about the product. It is easy for people to know what the item is. Only those points that are required are included in the box. The design is appealing yet simple.

Concentrated packaging is an important part of a product. You can use packaging to help your item get noticed when it is placed with the competition. It is usually the first impression that you are giving of the product. You need to ensure that the impression is a good one if you want sales to happen. Choose quality packaging material that will not harm the box in any way. The container that the concentrate is put into has to remain safe or else the item can get wasted. Know what information to include on the packaging and choose a good font to add this in. The size of the font must be a readable one that does not confuse.

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