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Due to the sudden strike of the COVID-19 pandemic, India was going through continuous bouts of lockdown in 2020. However, the scenario has changed somewhat in the year 2021. Many organizations have begun working during the dawn of the summer season, which, in turn, has positively influenced the availability of AMC tenders. But, how are you going to find the best options available out there in the market? Let’s learn more! 

BidAssist – The Epitome of E-Tendering 

Since the beginning of the uprising of e-tendering, India has encountered a sudden surge in the number of tendering websites. However, in terms of efficiency and activeness, none of them are better than BidAssist. 

The website is extremely dynamic regarding e-tendering and adds almost 15,000 different tenders (and subcontracts) regularly. Furthermore, the tender details are clarified quite elusively in the documents of the tenders to help you understand everything without any confusion. 

However, to download the documents of the same, you will need to create an account on the platform. The process is quite easy, as you will only need your active phone number. After creating the account, the site will begin sending updates about newer tenders customized notifications. 

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Best AMC Tenders

As we have already provided you with some insights on BidAssists, let’s take a look at the best Amdavad Municipal Corporation tenders now. 


  • AMC Tender, Purchase of Property: This tender is all about purchasing the property tax bill to bill, as specified on the tender document. The tender amount of the same is around INR 24.09 lacs while the EMD cost is INR 72,290. You can only bid for the tender until 14th July, so download its documents today!
  • AMC Tender, Ward Maintenance: With this Ahmedabad-based AMC tender, you will get the opportunity of offering maintenance to the Indrapuri Ward in Ahmedabad. It has an overall tender amount of INR 7.05 lacs. Conversely, the EMD cost of the same is around INR 7,000. If you wish to learn about the other crucial tender details, then make sure to download the documents!
  • AMC Tender, Drainage Maintenance: As you may have already guessed, this tender offers you the opportunity of maintaining the drainage system in Amraiwadi area. It has a staggering tender amount of INR 21.48 lacs and will be closed on 6th July. The document of the module costs only INR 900, so hurry up and get it now!
  • AMC Tender, Construction and Repairing: This AMC tender will help you in getting the job of constructing and repairing the Nibhada Stone in Uttamnagar. The tender amount of the same is around INR 9.79 lacs while the EMD cost revolves around INR 10,000. The tender will be closing on 5th July!
  • AMC Tender, Providing Stone Paving: The final AMC tender will offer you the chance of laying stone paving at the Bhagyoday, Govind Patel, and other areas in Ahmedabad. It has an overall tender amount of INR 9.8 lacs and will be closing on 5th July. So, be sure to check it out as soon as possible! 


So, these are some of the AMC tenders currently available on the tender website BidAssist. However, as each of them is quite different from the other, be sure to check out their documents before cashing in on them. Hopefully, you will find the best option without experiencing any dire consequence. Good luck! 

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