How to choose a washing machine: useful tips

The range of  LG washing machine repair Dubai is huge today. We will tell you how to choose the right equipment and not get confused by the models and characteristics.

How to choose a washing machine

Household appliances are being improved and complicated. This does not mean that it becomes more difficult to use. On the contrary, new functions are emerging to make life even easier. The seemingly difficult problem of how to choose a washing machine and which one is better to buy from the assortment offered by the stores is solved simply. The model must fully meet the requirements of the owner. For this to be the case, let’s get acquainted with several important criteria.


The laundry is loaded through the loading door on the front panel. The drum is fixed on one axis, the bearing is also one. The top panel of the appliance does not open, therefore it can be used as a bedside table in the bathroom, a work surface in the kitchen, etc.

Significant advantages of front-loading equipment are:

  • A variety of sizes and models. Available in full size, narrow, compact, very narrow options.  
  • Large drum diameter that allows large items to be washed. 
  • The convenience of placement. A good option can be found for a room in any area. 
  • The price is lower than top-loading machines.

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The disadvantages usually include the need to make room for the movement of the loading hatch cover. Some people don’t like having to bend over to load the laundry.

Vertical loading

  • Devices with a hatch located on the top panel. Their drum is placed on two axes, which some marketers cite as a significant advantage. The repairmen disagree with them. This does not make the device more reliable. On the contrary, it creates problems during repair, makes it more expensive.
  • Small width, which makes it possible to install the device in small rooms. This eliminates the need for free space to open the door, further saving space.
  • Convenient loading and unloading of laundry. If necessary, the washing process can be stopped, forgotten items can be put. Water does not flow out. 

The disadvantages of vertical machines include a high price. It differs markedly from the front-facing ones. It is not possible to build in such a technique since the top panel must be free. Some people do not like that all models have the same dimensions. 


It can be assessed by a combination of three main parameters: energy consumption, washing, spinning. Each of them is standardized and considered according to a special scale, which is marked with Latin letters from A to G. 


The washing quality class is assigned based on testing. The reference and the tested unit are loaded with the same type of fabric with the same contamination. The process lasts an hour at a temperature of 60 to C using the same powder. The result is evaluated by a special machine, after which a class is assigned.


Evaluated based on tests in which laundry is weighed before and after it enters the machine. The smaller the difference in weight and residual moisture, the better the spinning works. Several factors affect its effectiveness, the main one being the number of revolutions of the drum during the push-up process per minute. It varies from 600 to 1500, and in some models up to 2000. The more revolutions the washing equipment produces, the lower the residual moisture. However, this introduces complexity. At a high spin speed, the laundry is subjected to increased pressure and may burst. Delicate and delicate fabrics are especially susceptible to this. Therefore, high-speed appliances have regulators that allow you to select the spin speed. Optimally this is 900-1000 rpm.

Energy consumption

Assessed by testing. The less energy consumed, the higher the class is assigned. Until recently, the best were the units marked with the letter A. However, devices A + and A ++ have already appeared, which consume even less energy.

Modes and security

Manufacturers produce products with different modes. But not all of them are necessary. Before buying, you need to determine what functions it is impossible to do without, and what might be superfluous. Basic experts consider such programs for washing:

  • cotton fabrics;
  • colored linen, preferably with a choice of temperature;
  • delicate fabrics;
  • quick wash.

The last cycle is short, carried out in cool water. It is launched to freshen up less dirty items. You cannot do without these programs. Everything else is selected based on the wishes of the future owner and an acceptable price for him. Budget devices are equipped with only basic modes. Machines from the premium segment are versatile. They can cope with any materials, including fine silk, wool. They wash blankets, blankets, and even shoes with high quality. The latter is cleared when activating a special program.

Security issues are very important. Manufacturers equip their products with additional options to prevent various troubles:

  • Leakage protection. It can be partial or complete. In the first case, the sensor that detects a leak stops supplying water to the device. In the second, the tank overflow protection is also triggered. The latter option is the best since it can completely prevent a flood in the event of a device malfunction. 
  • Overvoltage protection. It is not always stable, which can lead to the failure of the machine. The performance of the devices varies, but it is still better to choose a model with additional protection or connect the device through a stabilizer. 
  • Door lock. Prevents accidental opening of the loading door while the unit is running. If this happens, water from the drum will spill onto the floor. Especially in demand for devices with a weak lock. 
  • Protection from children. A child often sees an interesting toy in technology. He is ready, imitating his mother, to twist the handles, press the glowing buttons.

These are just some of the useful extras that make the device safe to use. When deciding which washing machine to choose, you should pay attention to them. These are useful options. Each company designs them to be safe to use. 

Additional functionality

Experts give good advice when they suggest choosing an automatic car that performs additional functions that will be useful to the owner. This could be:

  • Drying laundry: At the end of the wash cycle, a fan heater is activated, blowing hot air through the fabric. The moisture evaporates, condenses in a small vessel. It is implemented in two versions. the drying time is set by a timer or determined by a built-in humidity sensor. The latter gives the best result. In addition to ease of use, you need to take into account that the equipment will consume much more energy. 
  • Intelligent control of the washing process: The built-in electronic “brain” can determine the weight of the laundry, calculate the amount of powder and water, and set the desired program. The owner is left to indicate the type of fabric. Devices of this type of any brand cost more, but they help save on the purchase of detergents and pay for resources, as well as take care of things correctly. 
  • Fault notification: Electronically controlled devices are capable of self-diagnostics, informing the owner about problems. They do this in the form of an error code output, a certain number of blinking signal lamps, etc. In any case, it will be easier for the master to fix the breakdown.
  • Reduced noise level: All machines are noisy, especially during the spin cycle. This disturbs their owners, so manufacturers develop techniques to reduce noise. It can be special insulation, installation of an asynchronous motor instead of a standard collector motor, and much more. This makes the sound quieter. But the price of the unit is growing.

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