How Digital Onboarding is Revolutionizing Employee Onboarding Experience

Digital Onboarding

Onboarding is a critical part of hiring a candidate, as it is their first interaction with the company after undergoing an exhaustive interview process. A poor onboarding process may give incorrect notions about the company and even be pivotal with employees regretting their decisions of joining the company. The traditional paper-based onboarding methods with manual intervention do not ease the process either. 

As a result, digital onboarding is becoming prominent, as it expedites the entire process, minimizes manual intervention, reduces errors, showcases the company’s competence, etc. 

Need for Employee Onboarding

As outlined above, onboarding helps new hires understand the company culture and their role in the organization. It is even best when you follow the 5 C’s of onboarding which are:


Introduce new hires to the new policies and sign the necessary paperwork. It also includes that the employees effectively understand the compliances and policy framework.


This stage helps communicate and clarify the expectations and questions, which will help explain all queries before starting the job.


Give a positive first impression and make them included in the organization. They are also informed about the organization’s structure and goals to work towards them immediately.


A welcome email letter or a video can go a long way to make your employees feel connected to your workplace. They are also introduced to their team and teammates to feel connected. They are also introduced to the essential contacts they need to interact with frequently.

Now that we have understood the importance of an onboarding process, let’s know how to switch to a digital onboarding process rather than a traditional one.

Why Do you Need Digital Onboarding?

We saw the significance and components of detailed onboarding above. Maintaining consistent and clear onboarding, especially in a larger organization, is time-consuming and costly when everything has gone digital. So why not onboarding? 

It is better to keep things simple than confuse and cloud the employee’s mind with numerous paperwork for successful vendor onboarding. The reason onboarding digitally is efficient is that it eliminates the forms and formalities. Digital onboarding quickly integrates employees into the company so that you have all the necessary tools to get on track soon and start contributing.

Secondly, you do not have to wait until the employee reaches your company. Through digital onboarding, you can complete it online without any hassle.

Benefits of Digital Onboarding



Digital onboarding is an organized process starting from paperwork to training. Since all the information is available to the employee in an organized manner, it protects our new hire from feeling overwhelmed and anxious due to a lack of knowledge of the company policies. Additionally, the documents are all in one place to view and sign at ease.


Digital onboarding is paperless. All documents are available online, thereby reducing the need for the recruiter to reach the office to complete the formalities. Instead, they can finish the formalities comfortably and free up time for more personal discussions for work-related responsibilities on the first day. 

More Engaging:

Digital onboarding is more engaging due to the digital verification, facial detection, and other elements that come with it. More importantly, it reduces the overall time to complete the process. For instance, partnering with top companies offering AI-enabled digital onboarding solutions can help reduce the overall turnaround time by 90%.  

Reduced Costs: 

Since your onboarding doesn’t involve any printouts or paperwork, it saves time collating and setting up documents. In addition, it reduces manual intervention and overall turnaround time. As a result, you can save up to 70% of the operational costs. 

Connecting to your Remote Workforce:

Most remote hires feel left out and non-associated with the company as they are far away. So if you have a remote workforce worldwide, it is easier to connect through digital onboarding. Digital onboarding helps them understand the company’s goals even if they are placed in a remote location. 


If the documents are accessible for the HR office, they can access them anytime. Accessibility always translates to digital as you can access any document on the do digitally. Hence digital onboarding contributes a lot to accessibility. Apart from this, there won’t be any loss of records due to misplacement or carelessness. All documents will be safe in the digital locker and accessible anytime by the employer.  

Onboarding and verifying an employee’s authenticity have never been easier. With onboarding solutions leveraging artificial intelligence and data-driven authentication, you can quickly onboard your employees hired remotely. It saves your time, money, and the biggest hassle of paperwork. As an organization, reducing your paperwork contributes mainly to the environment too. 


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