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A broker is someone who buys and sells things on other people’s behalf. They act as intermediaries between two parties. A broker is an individual or firm that executes ‘buy’ and sell orders for an investor for a fee or commission. But these brokers can also play a fraud game with you. Stockbroker fraud is defined as unethical and illegal behavior on the part of stockbrokers. Any investment, including securities, carries some risk. Stockbrokers must follow certain laws and regulations. Failure to do so constitutes fraud.

Many fraudulent brokers offer automated trading performed by a robot or algorithm that claims to make you money. These brokers claim that their robots trade signals in order to generate revenue for you. These brokers frequently specialize in crypto-currency or binary options. While impersonation scams are not new, new variants emerge on a daily basis by the brokers to cheat you on your money. Cyber-related incidents, such as fraudsters creating fake websites using real industry professionals’ names and contact information (who have no connection to the imposter sites) are also a very common form of Brokers scam or fraud.

We Make You r Investment Secure

InfoFX is where you can get interactive investor research in order to stay updated about the broker’s scam and all their malicious practices. We have the qualified Scam Brokers Investigators

InfoFX is a tool for looking up floor information and keeping up with international stock news and Vietnamese stocks. InfoFX provides information and ranks exchanges based on criteria such as brand reliability, level of risk control, user perception of trading experience, etc. in a systematic, accurate, and timely manner. To maximize profits in the financial market, investors should select the best trading code. C3 HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. created the website (Business code 202130301C). Singapore is a global broker information provider.

Most difficult problems encountered by investors and financial brokers, such as slippage, inability to withdraw money, order intervention, and so on, can be handled by InfoFX. Brokerage fraud is a serious problem that claims thousands of innocent victims each year. We also have the professional skills and tools at InfoFX in Vietnam to investigate brokerage fraud and protect the financial interests of investment firms as well as individual investors from all walks of life. We also conduct interactive investor research to make you updated with the latest marketing trends and techniques.

Account statements typically contain subtle telltale signs that our Scam Brokers Investigators detect and establish that the statements were doctored to conceal the fraud. We know from experience that broker misconduct and investment fraud can take many forms. If you suspect brokerage fraud, our team can conduct an investigation of your portfolio to determine if brokerage fraud has resulted in financial losses for you.

If you have any information related to brokers or have any queries just connect us with We will be delighted to assist you.

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