Assured Ways to Increase your Chances of Getting a Personal Loan Approved

Personal Loan Approved

When you want to go on an international vacation, or redecorate your house, or plan a lavish wedding, perhaps you don’t wish to splurge all your savings at once. But it is only human to have needs beyond our primal ones. In such cases, applying for a personal loan is a wise decision. 

A personal loan is desirable to a lot of people because it is collateral-free. This essentially means that, in most cases, you don’t have to secure an asset against the debt. Consequently, the supplemented risk quotient for lenders leads to higher interest rates on personal loans.

Approval of a personal loan depends upon the fulfilment of specific eligibility conditions.

Following the below-mentioned tips can aid you in getting personal loan instant approval: 

1) Maintain a Decent Credit Score

The most significant determinant in securing instant loan approval is the borrower’s credit score. A credit score means the ability to repay a loan based on previous credit records, i.e., loans and credit cards. The higher the credit score, the more probable are the chances of acquiring a loan. The ideal credit score is above 750. 

This value depends on payment history, the number of secured and unsecured credits, and the credit utilization ratio. To maintain a favourable credit score, it is paramount to execute your payments on time, not max out on credit cards, and adhere to a modest credit limit. 

2) Debt-to-Income Ratio

This phenomenon ascertains your ability to fulfil the monetary obligations if your loan is granted. The debt-to-income ratio is obtained by dividing monthly debt by gross monthly income. Generally speaking, the debt-to-income ratio should not be more than 40%. If you ask for a higher amount, but your earnings don’t seem convincing, your application might be rejected.

3) Joint Borrowing

It isn’t easy to live comfortably on a sole income in today’s world. Thus, co-signing a personal loan is tremendously advantageous. Co-signing a loan implies that the amount is disbursed under the commitment of two individuals, who are liable for repayment. This is feasible for the younger generation, who possess limited financial resources. As the burden doesn’t fall on a single person, it is less risky. 

4) Don’t Apply for Multiple Loans

More often than not, in a hurry to secure a personal loan, people end up applying at multiple banks and financial institutions. As a result, it gives the lenders an impression that you are desperate to get your hands on money. It also reduces your credit score, which may lead to your loan application getting rejected. 

5) Do your Research

Like most monetary affairs, it is advisable to enquire first about different loan schemes offered by different banks or NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies). Before finalizing your desired lender, you must conduct a primary investigation of the interest rates, loan tenure, and other factors. It is equally prudent to find a reputable and trustworthy lender with whom you can lock a deal. 

6) Supplement your Income

One of the predominant components affecting the loan approval process is an applicant’s income. To repay a debt, you need a consistent source of income. This is only possible if you have a stable job. Think of ways to boost your earnings by asking for a pay raise or working for a promotion. To pay off your earlier debts, you can also sell some of your liquid assets, such as shares. A clear credit history displays the values of transparency and punctuality. 

In Conclusion

The need to opt for a personal loan may arise at any time. However, you can be prepared for it by adhering to the abovementioned tips. While the process of acquiring a personal loan may seem taxing, you can minimize your stress by equipping yourself with the essential knowledge beforehand. Furthermore, by observing a disciplined credit practice, asking for only as much as you need, and being patient, you can certainly receive the required funds to fulfil your aspirations.

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