5 tips to keep your kitchen clean

Kitchens are an essential part of any cleaning regimen. The presence of all kinds of food, from raw meat to crumbled cookies, makes it a particularly dirty place in the home. And the fact that we cook and eat in the kitchen makes the bacteria in the room particularly dangerous for the inhabitants of your home. So stay on top of your cleaning game and use these five tips to keep your kitchen like home for food, not bacteria. check more info

Best Kitchen Cleaning services tip

  1. Clean on the go, especially while cooking. This is the best way to avoid large piles of dirty dishes (in a home without a dishwasher, of course), which are excellent hiding places for mold and bacteria growth. Pots and pans are easier to clean right after cooking, although it is advisable to let them cool first. Dry everything and put it away. End each day with a clean, empty sink so you can enjoy your cooking to the fullest, rather than dislike it.


  1. Keep your countertops clutter-free. Try not to leave too many jars and containers on the counter, as they will only make it more difficult to use the space and hide dirt and crumbs that may get under them. Have a specific place for everything, and when you’re done using something, put it away immediately.


  1. Clean your stove regularly. If you don’t feel like cleaning it every time you use it, at least try cleaning it twice a week. Doing this will reduce your overall cleaning time by preventing tough-to-remove stains from building up on the stove. Use an eco-friendly liquid cleaner to clean it or make your own cleaner by mixing baking soda and apple cider vinegar. To clean your oven, remove the racks and soak them in the same mixture for 45 minutes, then remove and dry them. Sprinkle a little salt over food that falls to the bottom of the oven to reduce smoke and odor immediately.


  1. Avoid sponges as much as possible. They are a great hiding place and home for harmful bacteria. Opt for paper towels instead, or if you are concerned about waste and prefer sponges, cook your sponge in a bowl of hot water once a week. This will effectively kill most of the bacteria present.


  1. Take out your trash regularly, while keeping an eye out for recyclables. Instead of just throwing out that gooey jam jar, wash it up and save or recycle it. By washing used bins and recycling them instead of throwing them away, you’ll keep your trash relatively fresh and do something good for the earth too.

Keep these five tips in mind when you are cleaning your kitchen and you will see a big difference in its cleanliness. A clean kitchen is the first step for every cook, although it won’t necessarily make you a good one!

Having the new kitchen finished can be a bittersweet experience.

On the one hand, you finally have the kitchen of your dreams, while on the other there is the builders’ mess that you have to be content with.

Renovators will clean up much of their own clutter, but chances are good that you will still discover hidden dust and debris in the corners that they might have missed. Also, the newly installed sink may be dirty and you have several cups of tea waiting to be cleaned.

Try as you might, you could be cleaning your new kitchen for a long time before you start using it, and the amount of dust might be too heavy for a normal vacuum cleaner.

For quick and thorough cleaning, you should hire post-construction cleaning services. These professional cleaners specialize in cleaning up the mess left by construction workers.

Arranging for construction cleaners to visit your home is easy and they’ll have your new kitchen sparkling the way you dreamed of in no time.

All you have to do to book your post-construction cleaning service is call a contracted cleaning company. They can give you an instant free estimate of your construction cleaning fees and have a professional cleaner available as soon as possible.

Hiring construction cleaning services saves a lot of time and effort, and in just a few of ours, while they work their magic and you sit back and relax, you can finally enjoy your new kitchen.

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