5 Most Advance Packaging Lamination that Use for Chocolate Packaging

Packaging has a lot of worth in product manufacturing businesses. Some brands consider them as equal to the product itself. It is because it plays an essential role in the sale of the product. Without utilizing chocolate packaging, you cannot place your delightful chocolates into the heart of your audience. These boxes offer numerous kinds of personalizing and customizing options. Brands are utilizing different finishing or lamination techniques to give value to their surfaces. In these laminations, there are a lot of options that are available in packaging markets these days. Given are some of the most effective types with which you want to go for sure.


Matte is a type of finishing technology that is famous for its appealing impact on the surface of chocolate packaging. It gives more value to the surface of the box by lessening the sharpness of high-saturation colors. It is because of its non-reflective surface that it does not give eye-bulging impacts. There are many methods and customization options that are effective for many reasons. However, matte is a technology that can increase the aesthetic value even with its low requiring cost. For instance, if you have a color scheme that is a little bit over the edge. Now, you want to lessen its impact because you cannot change it because of the identification factor. This lamination will help you to keep up with the color scheme and make it appealing at the same time. In finishing technologies, it has a lot of fame as it is effective for paper surfaces of packaging solutions.


Gloss lamination is a technique that is famous for its feature of enhancing transparency. Back in the day, its only purpose is to clean the surface of the box. Now brands are using it for custom chocolate boxes for attraction purposes as well. Sometimes customers want to read about the product that he is purchasing. Now, if you are utilizing gloss lamination, you will be able to secure the printed materials without making them invisible. It is also effective for making the surface of the box shinier and appealing to the target audience. Its shiny surface will enhance the colors of the inks that you utilize for the printing of your packaging. You can utilize it to give strength to your boxes so that they can easily bear the rough daily usage. In order to give your product presentations a more professional-looking appearance, this lamination is the perfect option to select.


During handling, deliveries, and shipments, every product packaging has to go through some rough crises. As a manufacturer, it is your responsibility that the customer will get your product in a neat and clean format. There are a lot of factors from which a packaging solution can lose its form. Stains, grease, oil, and fingerprints are some of these harmful factors. No-smudge lamination has been a great help for packaging solutions to remain in their neat and clean format. The foremost purpose of utilizing this lamination is to make the surface of the box resistant to fingerprints. During handlings, this lamination will not let any stain come near to your box and increase its strength. Brands are grabbing chocolate boxes wholesale and applying this lamination on them, and getting positive reviews from their consumers. It also protects against liquid spills, dirt, grime, and all of the other factors that can cause irregularity in the appearance of the box.


Do you often look at the skin of a fresh peach? The texture that velvet lamination provides to a packaging solution is almost like that skin. This technology is playing its part in enhancing and increasing the aesthetic and functional value of packages. The delicate feel and enhancement of printed materials of this solution will immediately grab the attention of consumers from a distant place. It comes out very effective in providing richer and deeper looks to all kinds of graphical presentations that you have printed on the box. Back in the days, the labor or required resource for this lamination was quite heavy. However, these days after the introduction of paper packages like chocolate boxes, it is easy to apply this lamination on their surface without investing a lot. Rather than just transparent, you can also get this lamination imposed by using different colors and combinations. The advantages of this solution are urging brands to utilize it widely.


Spot-UV is a lamination solution that is effective in covering or printing a required area by special texture rather than placing it on the entire box. You can think of it as a combination of high-quality gloss and non-reflective matte. In this solution, manufacturers utilize ultraviolet radiations to enhance the box with the desirable layouts and textures. This might cost a little more than any other lamination or finishing technology. So brands prefer to utilize smaller surfaces. Even if you have printed ink images on the surface of your chocolate box, you can apply this lamination on it without getting any impact on the quality of the image. In the creation of distinctive looks for a packaging solution, this advanced form of lamination is playing an exclusive role.

Every lamination technology is unique in its own way. Like some are effective for protection, while others are good for attractiveness. You need to make sure that you are choosing the one for your chocolate packaging that can fulfill your specific requirements. Consider your budget and resources before going with any of them. However, utilization of these latest solutions will surely give pace to your product presentations to achieve instant attention from consumers.

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