3 Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost When Considering Custom Rigid Packaging

So you are considering custom rigid packaging? Yes, that’s excellent!

Wholesale rigid boxes are a great and effective way to raise your brand awareness and lure new customers. However, if you fail to source the appropriate boxes, it can prove extremely costly and create a negative impression of your brand.

But when you are new to the printing and packaging process, you are likely to make such errors. To help prevent such mistakes, we have compiled a list of some common custom rigid boxes mistakes to avoid, together with a few useful tips.

  • Incorrect Proportions

One of the primary reasons for business owners to opt for custom rigid packaging is to personalize the proportions as you see fit. Not only it ensures product safety, but it also proves helpful in cutting back the unnecessary cost of additional materials.

However, if you fail to provide correct dimensions to your packaging partner, it can ruin your budget, make your customers unhappy, and prove a worthless investment for your product.

That said, we all know that measurements can be slightly tricky. So, it is suggested that you should double-check the precise proportions you need to keep your product safe until it gets into the hands of the end-user.

If you are unsure of how to get the right proportions for your custom rigid boxes, don’t hesitate to seek help. The rigid box manufacturers USA can help you with this. Another way to avoid this is by limiting your packaging to 2-3 sizes, if possible. In most instances, you do not need five or more dimensions for your packaging to hold the products.

If you are not certain about the proportions, feel free to connect with the packaging experts at The Legacy Printing. They will narrow down your search by suggesting the most optimal wholesale rigid boxes for your products.

  • Ignoring your Customers’ Needs

The process of creating custom rigid boxes can be very fascinating, especially when you see your client is happy with how things are coming together.

Unfortunately, many companies end up making packaging boxes that appeal to them rather than meeting the preferences of their ideal customers. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sourcing a packing that you like, but it’s vital to develop boxes that address end-users’ needs head-on.

To evade this from happening, we would recommend studying your target customers before you attend a design brief. The more you will learn about your customers—their preferences and expectations—the better you will create custom rigid packaging that can instantly capture their attention and bring you joy.

  • Using Old or Outdated Packaging Design

Opting for an old or outdated wholesale rigid boxes design is no different than ignoring the needs of your audience.

Sure, the idea behind creating custom packaging is to use it for as long as one can. However, if your competitors are frequently updating their packaging design, you cannot afford to stick with one design. Else, you will end up having custom rigid packaging that’s dull and boring.

The modern-day customer is accustom to seeing the latest and the most exciting products and packages on the retail racks. This bounds you to regularly update your packaging design in order to be one jump ahead of your competition. An ideal way to deal with this situation is to use seasonal packaging rather than producing a single design in mass number.

Having said that, one can stay ahead of the competition by stepping out of their comfort zone and acquainting themselves with the hottest trends. It will allow them to stay current with the new concepts and up-to-date their packaging regularly.

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