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Ed from both hospitals before starting the study.ResultsCharacteristics of the patients of cervical cancerOut of 75 districts of Nepal, the study participants had represented 40 districts of all three ecological regions: plain, hill and mountain. Among the participants, 75 women were diagnosed in cancer hospitals and 35 women in other hospitals of Nepal. Selected characteristics of the research p
Is considerably higher than the rates reportedTable 2 Prevalence of lifetime and past year emotional abuse by intimate partner against womenType of violence No. Lifetime (overall) Insult Scaring/intimidation Humiliation Threatening to remarry Threatening to harm Threatening to divorce Past year (overall) Insult Scaring/intimidation Humiliation Threatening to remarry Threatening to harm Threatenin
Ses, it was made sure that each woman was interviewed only once. A pilot study was conducted on 35 women aiming at determining the clarity and the content adequacy of the questionnaire. It also helped in estimating the time required for the data collection and identifying the limitations that might be encountered during data collection. However, this group of women was excluded from the study sam
Le included women in contact with the hospitals due to reproductive health problems or their accompanied women. Of the 840 women recruited, 800 (95.2 ) answered the questionnaire and 40 (4.8 ) refused to answer. Characteristics of these 800 participants are shown in Table 1.MeasuresA modified version of the questionnaire designed for the WHO multi-country study on women's health and domestic viol
E widows. The mean parity of the women was 4.85 (SD = 2.57) having minimum one and maximum thirteen children. More than half of the participants (57.3 ) were from terai (plain) region and rest from hilly and mountain regions. More than two third (68.2 ) of the patients had travelled more than four hours, with available means of transportation, to reach the diagnostic center. The median travel tim
The exact week of the respective month and year of symptoms experienced and first consultation with HCP. The mid-point of that week was approximated as date of symptoms experienced and date of first consultation with HCP accordingly. Analysis of data was done by using computer software SPSS 18.0 version. Delays in diagnosis were measured in terms of continuous variables i.e. days. Interviewers ex
Days) were found in patients with early symptoms like foul smelling vaginal discharge as compared to patients with other symptoms. The longer total diagnostic delay was also higher (88.3 ) among these women. Cent percent longer health care provider's delay with median 69 days and higher proportion of total diagnostic delay (89.5 ) with median delay of 215 days was observed among patients who cons
Dents of domestic violence of women, 46 sustained minor physical injuries, 20 moderate physical injuries and 6 severe physical injuries [39]. In Ireland, a study found that 46 of women attending the general practice who experienced violent behavior had been injured [22].The proportion of emotional distress and suicidal thought behaviors and attempts among physically abused women this study wa