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Short patient delay" [13].Health care provider's (HCP) delayThe time period between patient's first presentation to the health care provider (HCP) and the final referral by HCP to the cancer diagnostic center. The period of seven days or less was defined as "short HCP delay" and more than seven days was referred as "long HCP delay".Referral delayThe time interval between the date of final referra
Ssed with six items: insult, humiliation, threateningAl-Atrushi et al. BMC Women's Health 2013, 13:37 3 ofto divorce the respondent, threatening to marry another woman, threatening to hurt the respondent and doing things to scare the respondent on purpose. The items in the WHO multi-country study questionnaire for assessing controlling behavior were
Ional abuse behavior, against the women attending hospitals in Erbil. Physical violence is also a significant problem particularly in terms of its consequences.Background Violence against women is a worldwide problem and a serious human rights abuse that occurs among all social, cultural, economic, and religious groups. A wide range of negative health outcomes and even death had been recognized a
Ical documents were reviewed for supplementary information regarding different dates in diagnosis. The concept of delay in diagnostic journey and ways of inquiring illness history of patients is elaborated in Figure 1. Dates used for estimating delays were date of symptoms experienced, date of first consultation withGyenwali et al. BMC Women's Health 2014, 14:29
Red degrading or humiliating Past year (overall) Physically forced to have sexual intercourse Forced to perform any sexual act considered humiliating 169 166 86 91 88 52 ( ) (21.1) (20.8) (10.8) (12.1) (11.7) (6.9) 4 3 (4.6) (5.8) 28 23 (31.8) (44.2) 56 26 (63.6) (50.0) 9 3 (5.4) (3.5) 45 32 (27.1) (37.2) 112 51 (67.5) (59.3) No. Frequency of violence Once ( ) 2 ?5 times No. ( ) >5 times No. ( )A
C center, two third (66.2 ) of the patients had to wait more than one week for diagnosis of cervical cancer (median diagnostic waiting time of nine days). The median value of total diagnostic delay was 157 days with longer total diagnostic delay in 77.3 of patients (Table 3). Table 3 presents the details of patient delay, health care provider delay, referral delay, diagnostic waiting time and to
Patients in cervical cancer diagnostic center was 2.65 (SD = 0.77) with range two to five. The clinical staging ofGyenwali et al. BMC Women's Health 2014, 14:29 5 ofthe cervical cancer was done according FIGO staging system update 2009 [21]. Only 19 of the patients were diagnosed in early stage (IIA) and rest were in advantaged stage (IIB).Estimates
To carry out the study. A verbal informed consent was obtained from each participant. The guidelines of the WHO including the importance of ensuring confidentiality and privacy were followed [13].Statistical analysisThis cross-sectional study was conducted in Erbil city between the 1st of October 2009 and the 30th of March 2011. A convenience sample of 800 Kurdish women aged 16?5 years attending